22 Years Old RARE IMAGE of Akira Toriyama and Eiichiro Oda Working on Dragon Ball Animation Will Make You Emotional

Akira Toriyama and Eiichiro Oda’s 22 Year Old Image Goes Viral on the Internet.


In the field of anime and manga, the two most renowned figures are Eiichiro Oda and Akira Toriyama.
Although Oda was the one who was inspired by Toriyama, the two manga creators had a strong friendship.
Additionally, viewers were moved when a 22-year-old, rare photo of the two working on the Dragon Ball anime appeared online.

Eiichiro Oda and Akira Toriyama are the two biggest legends in the world of anime and manga industry. Their creations, One Piece, and Dragon Ball have not only broken many records, but they have also set the path for other anime and manga series to reach a global audience as they were the first to do so.
Dragon Ball AnimeDragon Ball Anime
However, recently Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball passed away at the age of 68 because of acute subdural hematoma and it has shocked the entire world. Toriyama’s contribution to the Japanese anime industry cannot be measured and he has inspired many other manga creators for their work too.

Although Oda was also the one who was inspired by Toriyama, the two manga creators shared a great bond. Since they have been so close, Oda and Toriyama have even conducted interviews in which Oda expressed his admiration for Toriyama’s writing. And recently, a 22-year-old rare image of the two working on Dragon Ball animation surfaced on the internet, making fans emotional.

The Bond Between Eiichiro Oda and Akira Toriyama

Toriyama influenced people all around the world, but he also had a significant impact on the emerging shonen mangaka, particularly Eiichiro Oda. Oda has many happy recollections of Toriyama, and he, like everyone else, was deeply grieved to learn of his death. Toriyama is considered an untouchable divinity by Oda.
Goku and Luffy

Goku and Luffy
Oda firmly feels that Toriyama’s outstanding work is largely responsible for who he is now. Dragon Ball gave Oda the idea to write his manga, and if it weren’t for this great writer, maybe readers would never have heard of One Piece. Oda believed that Toriyama changed the course of the manga and the anime industry for the better.

When word of Toriyama’s demise was eventually made public, Oda, like many other mangaka, shared his own message regarding the passing of the iconic mangaka. In it, he expressed his respect for the artist and how he had inspired him since he was a young kid.

22 Years Old Rare Image of Akira Toriyama and Eiichiro Oda Surfaces on Internet

As the entire world is saddened by the death of Akira Toriyama, fans have shared their emotions and tributes to the legendary mangaka. People who didn’t even know about the anime industry were acquainted with Dragon Ball. This in itself speaks for the legacy that the legendary mangaka has left behind.
Eiichiro Oda and Akira Toriyama in 2002Eiichiro Oda and Akira Toriyama in 2002
In regards to all this, a rare picture of Toriyama and Oda has surfaced on the internet from 2002 where they are seen working on the animation for Dragon Ball. The image was shared by @onepieceuniversity on Instagram and while their faces can’t be seen properly, the character on whom they are working is probably Goku.

Seeing Oda and Toriyama together is an emotional moment for One Piece and Dragon Ball fans. Their creations Dragon Ball and One Piece also collaborated in 2013 when Luffy, Goku, and Toriko from Toriko came together for a special episode, the first part of which aired as an episode for Toriko and the second part aired as episode 590 for One Piece.

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