The Kansas City Chiefs’ most recent Super Bowl victory featured some tension, when tight end Travis Kelce collided with head coach Andy Reid in a heated moment.

Kelce’s actions irritated some fans at the moment, but he and Reid both laughed it off after the game.

During an interview on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Reid discussed his interaction with Kelce once more, joking that it would have gone differently if he had seen Kelce coming.

Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs

“I didn’t see him coming, or I would have forearm ɾιρρеԀ him,” Reid recalled, chuckling. “You know, he got me.”

Andy Reid Gives Priceless Reply to Question About Super Bowl Dispute With  Travis Kelce - Sports Illustrated

In a more serious tone, Reid went on to remark that he understands the importance of Kelce to the club and that he needs to keep an eye on him. However, Kelce’s intense passion is also what makes him such an effective leader.

Andy Reid clears the air on Travis Kelce's Super Bowl sideline squabble: "I would  have forearm-ripped him"

“I love his passion,” Reid added. “He always tells me, ‘Fire me up!’ I’m tough on him; he’s like one of my children. I strive to keep up with him and ensure that he is correct because he is our team’s personality.”

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