“Diddy you gave me that oosh gosh muash,” – Orlando Brown: “I’ve slєpt with Diddy, Drake, Terrence Howard, Usher….is a gusher” | HO

Orlando Brown has recently sparked some mental health concerns after he made some bizarre claims. This time, it’s about Diddy Combs.


Diddy recently held an Instagram Live on who killed R & B. Photo: Instagram/Diddy

Diddy recently became victim to one of Orlando Brown’s bizarre statements made in an interview with Cam Campone News. While discussing the career of Chris Brown, the farmer actor drifted off topic to discuss Sean Diddy Combs.

Orlando Brown discusses encounter with Diddy

Right now, Orlando Brown and his recent interview are making their rounds on the internet. Following some bizarre claims he has made about a variety of celebrities to date.

Orlando Brown claims he slept with Diddy, Bow Wow, Busta Rhymes, Katt Williams, Usher, Terrance Howard, and more.

One of these celebrities that have gotten negative attention particularly is Bow Wow. The former actor alleged that the rapper and actor “has some bomb a** p***y”. Alleging that they had a s3xual encounter.

Presently, Orlando Brown is claiming that he had a s3xual encounter with Sean Diddy Combs as well. Alleging that the singer gave him oral s3x and he ‘liked’ it.

The former actor seductively looked into the camera while licking his lips saying that “Diddy you gave me that oosh gosh muash,”

In the meantime, Diddy couldn’t be less concerned about the recent claims Orlando Brown has made as he recently prompted another discussion among his fans. That is who killed R & B and what the definition of R & B is.

Thus far, Diddy and his good friend Mary J Blidge took to Instagram live to discuss the recent question he gave to the public about R & B music.

Orlando Brown Trends After Saying Bow Wow Has Some 'B.A.P.'

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To date, Mary J Blidge shared that “You cannot kill R & B” adding that the music genre is something that is in creative’s DNA. The singer also paid homage to artists such as Adele and Justin Timberlake who make the genre seen.

“They wanna call it ‘Popular Music’ with Adele and Justin Timberlake get ahold to it, so now it’s ‘Popular Music.’ But it’s been popular music! We’ve been had it!”