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Well, if you’re Sean “Diddy” Combs, it seems like hiding time is over. His children and offspring are stepping into the limelight, and everyone’s asking, why now? It appears that an overlooked aspect of Diddy’s lawsuit is resurfacing, and it goes deep into the music industry, reaching even the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. This lawsuit is exposing everything, and it’s about Diddy’s head of security.

What the abuse lawsuit against Diddy, one of hip-hop's most powerful men, means |

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: Diddy’s security head, Faheem Muhammad. This guy seems to have connections that make problems vanish, as per Diddy’s instructions to his staff to contact Muhammad whenever they faced police trouble in Miami or California. For instance, during an incident where Diddy allegedly shot someone, the LAPD was present for hours, yet no arrests were made, all thanks to Muhammad’s connections with law enforcement, as claimed in the lawsuit.

But that’s not all. Muhammad’s role goes beyond just security. He was allegedly aware of sex workers and underage girls at Diddy’s parties, where drinks were spiked with drugs. The lawsuit further alleges that employees around Diddy were required to carry pouches filled with drugs for his immediate access.

Now, here’s where it gets even more intriguing. Faheem Muhammad, Diddy’s security head, also served as Michael Jackson’s security head when the music legend passed away. Muhammad testified in court about Jackson’s death, being one of the first on the scene. This raises eyebrows considering Muhammad’s recent background check.

Surprisingly, Muhammad’s bio boasts of founding a multi-million dollar security company and real estate investment ventures, which is peculiar for someone who graduated from college just a year before Michael Jackson’s passing. Furthermore, Muhammad’s involvement in a real estate entrepreneurship event at the Wharton School, known for its ties to intelligence agencies, adds another layer of curiosity.

The connection between Muhammad, Diddy, and Michael Jackson raises questions about Muhammad’s qualifications and the nature of his role. With the lawsuit shedding light on Diddy’s alleged misconduct, it seems like Diddy’s empire might be facing reckoning soon. Only time and further revelations in court will tell the full story. But for now, it’s evident that Diddy’s world is under intense scrutiny, and the truth is gradually unraveling.

Diddy Lawsuit Filed by Rodney Jones Not Settled Despite Court Docket Update

12:09 PM PT — And just like that, the court docket for Diddy‘s case has been wiped of any word of a settlement — so it seems the federal court there in NY realized they’d made a mistake.

Diddy’s case stemming from a lawsuit filed by a producer he worked with appears to have been settled in court — but it’s a total mistake, and this ain’t over yet … TMZ has learned.

An official court docket update came through Wednesday on the Jones v. Combs case out of NYC — and it suggests Diddy and Rodney Jones (the guy suing him) have come to terms and reached a settlement agreement.

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Per the court docket … a settlement conference was held Wednesday, and it was apparently revealed that Diddy and Rodney not only reached a settlement, but that the two parties would submit a draft of their agreement by next week.

The docket update also says the parties appeared for the Wednesday conference by video.

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However, as it turns out … this is NOT true whatsoever. Sources with direct knowledge — from both sides of the case — tell TMZ this lawsuit is still very much on, and that no settlement has been reached. We’re told the court staff there seems to have screwed up.

One way you know this was a clerical error is that the judge listed on the docket for this case is not the one that’s been presiding thus far — it’s a completely different judge from White Plains, NY … and more importantly, they’re not the judge who’s been assigned here.

Long story short, it’s a false alarm, as we’re told Diddy plans to fight this case — remember, he’s denied all of Rodney’s claims … which covered a wide range of salacious topics.

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The only case Diddy has settled thus far is from the Cassie lawsuit last year. On this front, though, he seems ready to go to trial if he needs to … and Rodney’s not relenting either.