Jason’s doing his best adjusting to post-NFL life.
Just over a week after Jason Kelce announced he was retiring from pro football in an emotional press conference, his younger brother Travis joked around with him after hearing Jason’s surprising post-NFL workout regimen.


On the March 13 episode of the Kelce brothers’ podcast, New Heights, the two were finishing up when Travis asked Jason, “Got anything fun planned today?”

While there’s no way to know what Travis was expecting to hear, when Jason revealed that he was “going to try and go swimming,” the 34-year-old incredulously said, “Swimming?”

“It’s a good cardio workout for people with bad ankles and knees,” Jason explained, causing his brother to joke about his retirement, saying, “You’re one year retired and you immediately go to the YMCA’s senior citizen workout?”

But Jason was confident in his choices, replying, “Trying to hang onto these joints, baby!” with Travis laughing in response. The elder Kelce brother then revealed that he’s also going ice skating soon, leading the duo to come up with the unique idea to do a podcast episode from an ice rink.

While Jason is trying out ice skating and swimming in retirement, fans eagerly wait to see what else the 36-year-old decides to do now that he’s no longer playing football. He has plenty of options, and the History Channel already extended a fun offer to try out being a blade smith, and Jason seemed interested.

The brothers also considered Jason possibly exploring music again during an episode of their podcast, as the father of three was very active in the school band growing up and even called out his band director in his retirement speech.

But for the time being, Jason still has the successful podcast to do with his brother, and he now has some extra free time to spend at home with his wife Kylie and three daughters, WyattElliotte and Bennett.