There’s a very disturbing report being circulated online, suggesting that Blueface is claiming to have carried on an close connection with Megan Thee Stallion.

As per to the hip hop blogger Adam22, he recently interviewed Blueface, and the rapper reportedly told him that while Meg was recovering from getting shot by Tory Lanez, he met up with her.

And Blueface claims that she s**ked him dry. Look at Adam revealing on his IG page:


Then, to validate that Blueface is spreading this rumor – Chrisean Rock went on IG last night and asserted that during an interview with Jason Lee, Blueface said the same stuff.

Jason Lee – who is a proper journalist – edited out Blueface’s claim about Meg, because he was not able to corroborate it.

If what Blueface is stating is true – that brings Meg Thee Stallion’s celebrity body count to an not usual high number. She’s been romantically linked to more than a dozen athletes, rappers, and celebrities. And she’s developed quite the reputation – unfairly – as an industry pass around.


However, we’re not ready to take Blueface’s word for it. May be Megan will come forward and call him out on what he said.