Jason Kelce fans aren’t taking his retirement news lightly, as one created an emotional montage set to a Taylor Swift song dedicated to highlighting some of the most memorable moments of his career and personal life.

The video, which was first shared by a fan account on TikTok and later reposted on Reddit, featured various throwback photos of the former Philadelphia Eagles center with wife Kylie Kelce and the couple’s daughters, as well as more candid captures of the 36-year-old NFL star greeting fans, and of course, images of Jason on the field in his jersey.

The tear-jerking clip was uploaded alongside Swift’s hit “Long Live” from her 2010 album Speak Now. It also included the sweet caption: “Thank you Jason Kelce, congrats on your amazing career.”

Swifties–as well as 92 percenters–became overwhelmed with emotion in the comments.

“Decided to listen to ‘Picture To Burn’ one time in 2006 and now I’m crying over the hardest Jason Kelce edit I’ve ever seen to ‘Long Live,’” one fan wrote, referencing the pipeline of football fans that came for the pop star after she started dating Jason’s brother Travis Kelce, but stayed because they genuinely enjoy watching the Kelce family from the sidelines.

“Crying over his retirement is the most canon experience as a swiftie. Like for what? But here I am,” another quipped.

“Im so glad Taylor introduce us to this amazing family,” a third shared. “We love Jason!!!”

“Y’all these edits 😢 I can’t cry all day long,” another TikToker admitted.

The love wasn’t inclusive to one platform, as Redditors also celebrated the montage–which was shared alongside the caption “Long live Jason”–and Kelce’s career.

“As a Swiftie and life long die hard Eagles fan. I will keep thanking my fellow Swifties for embracing Jason, Kylie and the girls and loving them the way I have for years,” one gratefully exclaimed.

“As a Swiftie who has learned about the Kelce Brothers over the past few months, I never thought I’d cry over a football retirement. As a teacher, Jason Kelce’s influence on and off the field is seen in my classroom,” a second Redditor wrote in part.

“im not cryin, its just rainin,” a third joked.

Since announcing his retirement last week, Jason hasn’t officially confirmed what his next full-time role will be. But he has received a few enticing job offers, including one from the History Channel.