After hiring Pax Thien and Maddox as assistant directors in the movie “Without Blood” and letting Pax Thien and Zahara help establish their own fashion brand, Angelina Jolie hired her youngest daughter Vivienne to be an assistant in her musical.

Paparazzi captured Angelina Jolie and Vivienne on the streets of New York

Angelina Jolie wore a familiar black outfit with a luxurious style while Vivienne wore a simple outfit with a white boat neck, loose black pants and Converse sneakers.

Angelina Jolie and daughter Vivienne

Angelina Jolie is currently busy with the production of the musical “The Outsiders” adapted from the movie of the same name. She hired her youngest daughter Vivienne as her assistant. Vivienne loves musicals and when given the opportunity, Angelina Jolie lets her daughter experience working in the art field that she loves. She hopes that her daughter will learn many things as an assistant.

“Vivienne reminds me of my mother. When participating in a project, she doesn’t want to be the center of attention but wants to be a supporter of other creatives. She is very thoughtful and serious about theater and work. working hard to understand best and then make relevant contributions” – Angelina Jolie shared.

Some sources revealed that Vivienne loves theater and that’s why Angelina Jolie took her daughter to see musicals from a young age.

This is not the first time Angelina Jolie has let her children experience careers according to their interests. Previously, she hired Pax Thien and Maddox as assistant directors during the making of the movie “Without Blood”. Recently, Pax Thien and Zahara also helped their adoptive mother in the process of preparing to establish their new fashion brand Atelier Jolie.

Angelina Jolie and Pax Thien

Zahara and Pax Thien support Angelina Jolie

All three went to the airport after completing their work

Zahara is currently a student at Spelman College, taking advantage of her summer time to help her mother. Meanwhile, Pax Thien pursues the field of artistic creativity called “art game” in his free time, regularly supporting Angelina Jolie in her work.

Pax Thien’s artworks are described as abstract, created by digital processes and various media or materials.