While Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie continue to defame each other in court during the “vineyard villa war”, the actress often spends time with her 15-year-old daughter Vivienne.

Angelina Jolie finds solace with her 15-year-old daughter amid all the chaos and worries

Recently, actress Angelina Jolie often appears with her daughter Vivienne (15 years old). Mother and daughter Angelina and Vivienne are staying in New York City to perform a new play on Broadway.

Although her personal life is going through many changes, and her lawsuit with her ex-husband – actor Brad Pitt – has not stopped, Angelina Jolie is not afraid to appear on the street, in front of paparazzi cameras. Often with Angelina these days is her biological daughter Vivienne.

The image of mother and daughter Angelina happily walking together on the streets of New York during a recent shopping trip attracted great attention. Vivienne is considered a close child and brings a lot of joy to Angelina at the present time.

Currently, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie continue to pursue the lawsuit surrounding the villa with a vineyard in France. Conflicts surrounding how both parties handle common property after divorce have led to deep disagreements, even causing long and tiring litigation for both parties.

The tiring worries of single mother Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt is angry because Angelina Jolie chose to sell her shares in the vineyard villa to a third party, instead of selling all her shares to him. Previously, Brad Pitt wanted to become the sole owner of the entire Chateau Miraval vineyard villa project.

As for Angelina, she said she was pressured to an unacceptable level by Brad Pitt during the process of both sides trying to reach an agreement to transfer ownership of the villa.

Angelina Jolie finds solace with her 15-year-old daughter amid all the chaos - 1
Angelina Jolie finds solace with her 15-year-old daughter amidst all the chaos and worries - 2

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (Photo: New York Post).

According to Angelina, she was asked by her ex-husband to sign a contract with unreasonable conditions. The conditions included the requirement that Angelina remain absolutely silent about the years she lived with Brad Pitt.

This means that if Angelina accepts to sell her shares of the villa to her ex-husband, she must also remain absolutely silent about Brad Pitt.

Unable to accept the “excessive pressure” contract, Angelina Jolie decided not to sell her shares back to her ex-husband, she switched to an agreement with a third party. From here, a big problem arose that caused Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to take each other to court.

At first, Brad Pitt believed that Angelina Jolie had “played foul”, unilaterally broke the agreement between the two, and intentionally sold shares to a third party so that he would have difficulty in his wine business and operations. operates the Chateau Miraval villa project in France.

Angelina Jolie finds solace with her 15-year-old daughter amid all the worries - 3
Angelina Jolie finds solace with her 15-year-old daughter amidst all the chaos - 4

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie when they were still together (Photo: New York Post).

After being sued in court and being asked for compensation by her ex-husband, Angelina Jolie also decided to sue Brad Pitt in return because she believed that she and the third party who bought shares from her had suffered unnecessary damages. yes, because of Brad Pitt’s behavior. After many years of persistent litigation over the Chateau Miraval project, Angelina Jolie recently announced more shocking information about her ex-husband.

Accordingly, Angelina Jolie said that Brad Pitt had abused his wife before the incident on the flight in 2016. But on the flight from France back to the US in September 2016, Brad Pitt for the first time commits violent acts against children. It was this “drop of water” that made Angelina Jolie realize the need to quickly end her marriage with Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie single-handedly raised 6 children, finding joy from work

Angelina Jolie is participating in the production of the Broadway play called The Outsiders . Angelina made her youngest daughter Vivienne her personal assistant during the play’s production.

The actress shared about her youngest daughter: “Vivienne reminds me of my late mother. Her personality is very similar to my mother’s. Both of them do not need to be the center of attention. On the contrary, they all consider supporting others at work to be important.

Angelina Jolie finds solace with her 15-year-old daughter amid all the chaos - 5
Angelina Jolie finds solace with her 15-year-old daughter amid all the worries - 6
Angelina Jolie finds solace with her 15-year-old daughter amid all the chaos - 7

Recently, Angelina Jolie often appears with her daughter Vivienne (Photo: New York Post).

Vivienne is very thoughtful, thoughtful and also very serious in her work. I’m trying a lot to understand more at work and be able to contribute to the common good of the whole group.”

Angelina Jolie has had the habit of taking her children to the theater since they were young. With this play The Outsiders , Angelina hopes to bring back a play that resonates with the younger generation. She is acting as the main producer of this play.

To increase the youthfulness and dynamism in the play’s production process, Angelina brought into the production team a number of young personnel, among these young personnel was her youngest daughter – Vivienne. Angelina wants to ensure that the play’s production team truly listens and collaborates with young people, so that the play truly reflects the spirit of the contemporary youth generation.

The play is adapted based on the novel of the same name by American female writer SE Hinton, a work released in 1967. The novel’s content revolves around two rogue gangs made up of teenagers. They live in a rural area of ​​America, and the two gangs constantly clash.

During a clash, a young man died, making the incident very serious, many teenagers involved in this brawl had to flee. There are teenagers who then try to escape the rogue, violent lifestyle they once fell into. They clearly see the consequences of that “gangster” lifestyle.

Thanks to that, some young people have grown up better, they decided to atone for their sins, so they can start over. But there are also teenagers who do not wake up in time, they fall into tragic endings.

After breaking up with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie is the one who directly raised and stayed with their 6 children. Brad Pitt is said to not have regular and close contact with his children, including both biological and adopted children. Angelina Jolie’s two adopted sons – Maddox (22 years old) and Pax Thien (19 years old) – also worked as her assistants while she was producing movies.

Angelina Jolie finds solace with her 15-year-old daughter amidst all the chaos - 8
Angelina Jolie finds solace with her 15-year-old daughter amidst all the chaos - 9

Vivienne accompanies her mother in work and life at the present time (Photo: New York Post).

Since 2019, Maddox has been studying at Yonsei University (South Korea). After graduating, Maddox had the opportunity to return to the US to assist Angelina Jolie in her filmmaking activities. However, Maddox intentionally lives more discreetly than before.

Pax Thien is still living in Hollywood and has not publicly expressed the direction he pursues, however, there is much information that Pax Thien will pursue the field of fine arts and filmmaking. Both Maddox and Pax Thien have moved out and have more independent lives than before. This means that the two adopted sons will have less time to spend with Angelina.

Her adopted daughter Zahara (18 years old) has been studying at Spelman University in Atlanta, Georgia, since 2022. Zahara has also led an independent life after entering adulthood. There are only 3 biological children who are underage and can regularly be with Angelina.

Shiloh (17 years old) is said to want to pursue a career in the performing arts field. Some video clips recording scenes of Shiloh actively practicing dance have gone viral on social networks in 2022. Knox (15 years old) lives very secretive, no information has yet appeared about this teenager’s vocation.

Recently, neither Shiloh nor Knox appeared with Angelina, only Vivienne often accompanied her mother.

Angelina Jolie has had to sacrifice a lot for her children

In a recent interview, Angelina Jolie said that motherhood helped her not fall into depression after her divorce. However, she felt like she couldn’t live as herself for a long time.

“I have completely changed since I was 26 years old, when I adopted my son Maddox. Having children has saved my life at many times. Being a mother has helped me see the world. different. I could have lived in a very different way, maybe in a darker and more dangerous way, if I didn’t have my children by my side. My children are the motivation for me to strive to live better”, Angelina confide.

Angelina Jolie finds solace with her 15-year-old daughter amidst all the chaos - 10
Angelina Jolie finds solace with her 15-year-old daughter amid all the worries - 11

Motherhood has saved Angelina Jolie over the years (Photo: New York Post).

Seeing her children live more and more responsibly with themselves and their loved ones makes Angelina Jolie happy. However, as her children gradually grew up and had their own independent lives, she also admitted that she felt a bit sad: “Right now, I feel like I haven’t lived as myself for a decade. past century”.

Angelina Jolie believes that she is on a journey of transformation, perhaps she will become a different person in the near future. After experiencing upheavals in life, Angelina Jolie and her children must find a way to heal themselves.

Up to this point, she and her mother are still finding ways to be truly stable in life. Angelina Jolie admits that up to now, she still doesn’t really understand herself. At 48 years old, she continues to try to understand herself better.

Angelina Jolie said that she now wants to find true values, so she no longer maintains regular social interactions with Hollywood stars. For her now, her 6 children are her most sincere friends.

“My children are my closest friends. They are also rare relationships that I cherish and nurture in my life right now. We are 7 very different people, But that’s what gives us strength,” the actress shared.

Angelina said she wanted to leave Los Angeles (USA) soon to have a different life. Angelina is thinking a lot about moving to Cambodia – the hometown of her adopted son Maddox.

“I have been living in bondage for many years. I cannot live and move freely the way I want. When conditions allow, I will leave Los Angeles and live the way I want.” , Angelina confirmed.

Only when all of her children are 18 years old and can live independently, then can Angelina move to other countries without problems.

Currently, Angelina is still raising her underage children in Hollywood. However, she found this to be a place “very lacking in sincerity, containing a lot of fakeness and short-sightedness”.

The 48-year-old beauty explains her strict outlook: “Maybe because I grew up in Hollywood, I never felt impressed with the social life here. I was never attracted to the What’s going on here, I don’t see what’s happening in social life here as important or meaningful.”

Angelina even expressed regret for pursuing an acting career: “Currently, I find that acting in film projects is no longer suitable for me. I am more interested in the theater field. When I started pursuing acting, an actor’s private life is not shared this much.”