In People magazine, Angelina Jolie admitted that she is always strict with herself to do a good job as a mother. She is happy to see her children growing into the best versions of themselves.

Angelina Jolie is happy to be with her children

Angelina Jolie became the cover character of People magazine – the 2021 Kindness Issue, November issue. Through the interview, the 46-year-old actress shared about the experience of being a mother to 6 children and witnessing the journey to adulthood. of the children.

“They are wonderful kids, because they have many siblings so they have a significant influence on each other. I’m not the one with all the decision-making power there. I am very sincere with my children and have a lot of love for them,” the Eternals star confided. The actress explained that she has always been curious about all the different aspects of each child’s upbringing. The famous mother shared that her priority is to always be there to support and develop the differences in each child.

The 7X star was happy with her 5 children at the premiere of a new movie in London (UK) on October 27. Pax Thien is the only character not joining his mother and siblings

Angelina Jolie continued: “I have six children with distinct personalities in my house. I’m excited about all the different stages, emotions and curiosities they go through.” “We have to help children discover who they are,” she emphasized. You can’t know what kind of person your children are if you don’t make an effort to grow with them.”

The Maleficent actress also admitted that she is very strict with herself in motherhood. “Anyway, I’m not a perfect parent. Every day, I feel more aware of the things I’m not doing right. I’m quite tough with myself because I often ask myself: Did I do the right thing? Did I say it right?”, the star born in 1975 shared. The Hollywood female star added: “My children have done many, many loving things. The children’s hearts have healed many things in me.”

The 46-year-old actress with her two daughters Shiloh (right) and Zahara (left) at the Eternals premiere red carpet in Rome (Italy) last weekend

Angelina Jolie’s six children are growing up, the eldest son Maddox is a 20-year-old student while the two youngest members of the family, twins Vivienne and Knox, have also turned 13. Recently, the The Jolie – Pitt child is constantly “covered” by the media when appearing with his mother at a series of red carpets launching the movie Eternals from Los Angeles (USA) to Rome (Italy) and even London (UK). Meanwhile, second son Pax Thien is the only one who did not appear with his mother and siblings at recent events, making many people wonder why Angelina Jolie’s Vietnamese-born adopted son is constantly absent.