For Angelina Jolie, VLogo platform sandals are the “diva” highlight of her summer look. Angelina Jolie’s favorite fashion brand may not be easily recognizable, but the accessories she uses are definitely mainstream luxury goods. The Hollywood star with a discreet style chose luxurious flat sandals to add a sophisticated charm to her on sunny days.

Valentino Garavani’s flat sandals add a sophisticated charm to the actress when choosing a simple but still seductive style.

Angelia wore flat sandals with a logo designed in the 60s in gold that looked brighter than its brown color this summer.

VLogo flat sandals “radiate” a luxurious feeling, thanks to the bold logo gold panel “emphasizing” on the upper, but without compromising comfort. Perfectly suited to the needs of a woman who likes to juggle, without any pause, between her humanitarian work and her role as a mother, without worrying about blisters on her feet.

Angelia on the set of the movie she directed in the early days of August 2022.

Angelina Jolie wears a pair of VLogo sandals with a textile upper during a visit to the Vatican Museums, Rome, July 2022.

These flat sandals are made from velvety smooth Italian calf leather and are highly durable. That’s why Jolie has been sporting the same sandals with brown and beige slides for years.

We are talking about a woman who is still a mystery to most people, but the fact that Angelina Jolie wears these sandals tells the world something obvious about her. She loves practical accessories and doesn’t hesitate to wear Versace gunmetal sequins on the red carpet, so why is her usual look a little less chic?

In fact, she has been an unofficial ambassador for VLogo sandals since these chic minimalist shoes were launched for the Spring/Summer 2019 season.

Angelina Jolie once stated: “I invest in quality garments and then I wear them until they are no longer usable. I don’t refresh my wardrobe often . That’s one of my characteristics.”

Every season the Italian fashion house offers new colors and finishes, from raffia to prints, but star Angelina always chooses classic versions.

Angelia is a woman with a rather discreet and elegant fashion style. She once caused a fever with a Salvatore Ferragamo wool coat skillfully combined with a Gabriela Hearst dress, and also made fans fall in love with the charm of Dior’s 30 Montaigne bag or Fendi’s Kan U shoulder bag. And now Valentino Garavani’s Vlogo flip flops , which add a subtle “glow” of glamour, stylishly curated from this famous actress.