Vivienne is the next child chosen by Angelina Jolie as her assistant. Previously, Pax Thien and his brother Maddox took on this job on the set of “Without Blood”. Although there is no official information yet, the fact that Pax Thien accompanied his mother and sister to New York shows that young Vietnamese people continue to support their mother in art projects.

Angelina Jolie and her son Pax Thien were seen walking around the Soho artistic neighborhood of Downtown Manhattan (New York). Photo: Backgrid.

The By The Sea actress looked elegant and fashionable when appearing in an all-black outfit, from clothes to accessories. Among them, the lace tank top from the Givenchy brand costs 505 pounds. Photo: SplashNews.

Pax Thien still applies the familiar outfit formula, including a bright long-sleeved shirt, black pants, sneakers and a baseball cap. In addition to a crossbody bag, he carries a camera bag and other equipment related to his passion for photography. Photo: Backgrid.

According to Page Six, Pax Thien is currently working secretly under the name Embtto. To date, it is unknown exactly what kind of art the Vietnamese artist focuses on, but some people describe Pax Thien’s style as “abstract”. Photo: GC Images.

According to Daily Mail, Pax Thien is serious about his love of art and is said to be preparing for a private exhibition at a gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel. Photo: Backgrid.

Meanwhile, Angelina has recruited a new assistant. That is the youngest daughter Vivienne. Mother and daughter went together in New York. According to international media, Angelina is taking on the role of main producer for the Broadway musical adapted from the 1983 film The Outsiders. Vivienne volunteered to be her mother’s assistant and directly participated in the production process. Photo: SplashNews.

“Viv reminds me of my mother (Marsheline Bertrand) in that she is not focused on being the center of attention but a facilitator of other people’s creativity. She is thoughtful, serious about the stage and works hard to contribute as much as possible,” the actress said.

Angelina Jolie and Vivienne had a dinner date with theater actor Anthony Norman to build relationships for an upcoming project. Photo: TheImagesDirect.

A few days earlier, Angelina, Pax Thien and Vivienne were spotted at John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York). The trip seems to serve a new job. Thus, Pax Thien seems to continue to support her mother in the creative process, although perhaps not as important as her sister. Photo: Backgrid.

Previously, Pax Thien had many contributions on the set of First They Killed My Father (2017) in Cambodia and Without Blood (filmed in 2022). Angelina highly appreciates the working ability of her Vietnamese-born son. Photo: Backgrid.

As for Angelina Jolie, recently, she often wears black outfits every time she appears in public. This color is considered suitable for female directors.