BOTH are famed for their style, connections and carefully publicised charity work – which prompted suggestions that Angelina Jolie and Amal Clooney might become firm allies.

Instead, all the talk in Hollywood film, charity and society circles is that the pair’s private feud is becoming increasingly intense.

A pal told Jolie that Amal had dubbed her behaviour during her split from Brad Pitt as ‘crazy’Credit: Getty – Contributor

Now Angelina thinks Amal is after her throne as Hollywood’s First Lady of charityCredit: Splash News

I’m told by close friends that Angelina has a strong dislike for Amal because she thinks the human rights lawyer is out to steal her throne as Hollywood’s First Lady of the humanitarian world.

The trouble between the pair seems to have started when George Clooney took Brad Pitt’s side in his very toxic divorce from Angelina.

The actress was furious about what she sees as a betrayal and the anger hasn’t subsided.

Angelina was particularly incensed when a friend told her Amal had described her behaviour during that difficult time as “crazy”.

The trouble seemingly started when George Clooney took Brad Pitt’s side in the divorceCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Pals of the ambitious A-lister have nicknamed Amal “plus one” — a reference to her celebrity ­status coming from her marriage to George.

Both women now closely watch what the other is doing, with my sources here using words such as “rivalry” and “hatred” to describe the non-relationship.

Angelina Jolie’s anger hasn’t subsided – here with Brad Pitt in 2015Credit: Getty – Contributor

Amal – with hubby George Clooney – reportedly doubts Angelina’s credentials as a political forceCredit: Getty – Contributor

There is even gossip here that stylists, make-up artists and the rest of the A-list glam squads have to choose which lady to work for.

Additionally, Amal is believed to doubt whether Angelina has the gravitas or background to genuinely become a political force like she wants to be.