Once the most attractive beauty in Hollywood, every look and smile of Angelina Jolie made the audience fall in love.

Angelina Jolie still maintains her position as one of Hollywood’s top beauties. Not only famous for her beautiful and seductive beauty, the actress is also admired for her kind heart and active charity work. Angelina still retains the same aura as ever thanks to her rare visual in showbiz.

Recently, a series of photos of beauty Maleficent interacting with a police officer in 2017 suddenly became hot again. Thinking she was “called back” by the police for something, it turned out that even though she was busy with her schedule, she still very friendly lowered the car door, chatted happily and took selfies with this police officer. But from the moment Angelina smiled, viewers no longer paid attention to anything other than the actress’s beauty. The mother of four’s captivating eyes and thick, luscious lips stand out in a dark corner, her visual is so beautiful that it makes people fall in love with it because they think this is a painting.

Angelina Jolie caused a fever with the moment she talked to a police officer in New York

The actress did not hesitate to lower the window and interact with the male police officer who was holding his phone to take a photo with her as a souvenir.

Angelina’s “meltingly” beautiful smile makes many hearts sob. Even though the photo was taken in a dark corner, the beauty’s smile still shines brightly and stands out

She was also very friendly and took selfies with the enthusiastic police officer

Even though many years have passed, these are still moments worth thousands of gold of Angelina Jolie and are forever remembered by

Angelina Jolie is a pretty beauty with police-related photos. The moment the 𝑠e𝑥y and personable Angelina was arrested by the police in the movie also caused a storm on social networks

Or the image of police officer Angelina in the movie The Bone Collector or the image related to the police all make the audience extremely impressed, she is both cool and beautiful to the point of being unreal.