Angelina Jolie’s dress was blown away by the wind, revealing her worryingly thin legs

After Paris, Angelina Jolie chose Venice as the next destination for her European vacation with her children.

She was seen walking around with her daughter Shiloh. As usual, the actress wore a trench coat over a gentle, feminine long skirt. Shiloh also wears a familiar tomboy style. The girl surprised everyone when she was taller than her mother. It is known that Angelina is 1m69 tall.

Paparazzi captured the moment the “Salt” star had her skirt blown off by the wind, revealing her worrying bony legs.

After that, Brad Pitt’s ex-wife separated their children to visit the city with a friend. The actress wore a loose gray dress that covered her body from neck to ankles, revealing only her skinny collarbone.

After having a mastectomy to prevent cancer in 2013, she was often commented that she was too thin and looked lifeless.

Maybe that’s why every time she appears in public, the actress always wears tight clothes to hide her skinny body.

Still retains her beautiful features, but her face is haggard, revealing high cheekbones.

However, Angelina still exudes a gentle, calm temperament, completely different from her rebellious past in her twenties.