January 14, 2024, sparked intrigue around the globe when a telltale post unraveled on social media platform X (previously known as Twitter).The user, @LustSierra, set the platform abuzz, announcing that global pop icon Rihanna and renowned rapper A$AP Rocky—commonly known as Rakim Mayers—were on cloud nine, anticipating their third child. The post rapidly seized colossal attention, amassing an astounding 9,700,000 views, 59,000 likes, and 7,700 retweets.

Reacting to the post, social media platforms were shaken with mixed opinions.

Notably, many stood in support and expressed sentiments along the lines of, “She can afford them, let her have as many as she desires”. However, blowing like a gust of wind disbanding the fog, some users highlighted the fallacy. They made it clear that the shared photo was old, dating back to June 20, 2023, at an event where Rihanna and A$AP Rocky graced a Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris. The poster flaunted in the photo, scrutinized closely, read: “Rihanna A$AP Rocky and [heart symbol]”.

Further clarifying, a Rihanna fan account on Instagram, @badgalririi_fenty, posted the same photograph among an array from the said June.

The claims about the anticipatory third child were misleading. The depicted pregnancy was indeed for the couple’s second son, Riot Rose, who was adorably born on August 3, 2023, as Harper’s Bazaar confirmed. Lastly, it’s worth noting this isn’t the first time such hearsay about the couple expecting their third surfaced. Back in November 2023, a similar claim was debunked as a glaring falsehood.