Kanye West performed his new album in San Francisco and his wife Bianca Censori was watching on in the crowd, but she was joined by an unlikely friend – Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Bianca Censori were seen talking together at a Kanye West concert as they tried to “pitch themselves as friends”, according to an expert.

The two women were spotted in San Francisco for the rapper’s Vultures listening party and seemed to be having a great time as they nodded along to the music. Bianca was filmed singing along while Kim recorded some of the concert on her phone.

It’s the first time Bianca and Kim have been seen together in public and body language expert Judi James said they appeared to be “calm and un-troubled”. She also suggested the union could be the reason why Kim recently went public with her romance with Odell Beckham Jr.

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Kim and Bianca
Kim Kardashian and Bianca Censori watched Kanye West together ( Image: djpharri/Instagram)

They were also joined by friends ( Image: djpharri/Instagram)
Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, Judi explained: “Could this be the reason why Kim suddenly went public with Odell? It’s always easier for current and ex-wives to meet up if the ex is happily paired up with her own partner.

“The ex and current Ms West look relatively calm and un-troubled about sitting together to watch his show here, with their proximity suggesting a mutual desire to pitch themselves as friends. There is enough mirroring here, with matching hair and body poses, to show they are not in a combative or even competitive state, showing up like two fans of Kanye’s, enjoying the concert.”

Kim and Bianca were filmed watching the show by DJ Pharris, who shared the clip on his Instagram Stories. Bianca was seen wearing a low-cut pink top with spaghetti straps and completed her look with matching sheer tights. Kim covered up by wearing a black top and matching leather jacket.

They were joined by Kim’s children Chicago and Saint West, while Bianca’s mother and sister are also believed to have been in attendance. Judi said Bianca seemed to be enjoying the concert the most. She told us: “It’s Bianca who displays the strongest signals of loyalty and fan-dom here, unsurprisingly, though.

Kim and Bianca
They seemed at ease with one another ( Image: Instagram)DON’T MISS
“While Kim seems to be chatting with another woman, Bianca gazes at the stage with the kind of dreamy facial expression that she has the right to use as Kanye’s current wife. She looks calm and not at all wary here though, with a relaxed pose and facial expression.”

Judi added: “Kim looks slightly more awkward than Bianca here, using a small head-toss before touching her son’s head in front of her. She’s in total proud mom mode when North arrives out in the arena though, with her mouth falling open in an expression of encouragement and enthusiasm.”

Their joint outing comes after recently hit out at his ex-wife Kim in a rant about their children. The former couple share four kids together – North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm.

Kanye demanded Kim remove their children from the school they attend before sensationally claiming only his eldest two children “know they daddy.” Kanye shared a pointed statement at Kim on a picture which said: “Kim take my kids out of Sierra Canyon now. it’s a fake school for celebrities that are used by ‘the system’.” He then made further allegations about being “removed” from his children as he captioned the post: “At this point everybody knows what ‘the system’ is code word for. I was removed from my dad by the system and the system removed me from my children.”

He added: “When the system drafts athletes they avoid working with those who have their father in their life because they are harder to manipulate My two oldest know they daddy is.”