Bianca Censori intervention attempts will fail in Kanye West drama?

Bianca Censori’s parents are reportedly desperate to watch her daughter in almost naked outfits and they are looking for ways to make an intervention. But, a relationship expert cast doubt on the yet-to-go initiative.

In a chat with The Mirror, Louella Alderson warned interventions “aren’t a guaranteed solution” and said they don’t always go as planned.”

She continued, “It’s important for everyone involved to be prepared for different outcomes.”

Calls for intervention are not new in the controversial relationship of Kanye and Bianca. But, a recent sighting may have shot the urge to act swiftly on the matter.

On the outing with Ye, the Yeezy architecture was in a barely covered dress of black lacy bra and lace tights.

Sharing her expert take, the body language expert Judi James told the outlet, “Kanye and Bianca have now pushed the ensemble envelope so far that there is only really one thing that is shocking about these poses and that is Bianca’s shoes.”