Rugby player Travis Kelce said he had a great two days in Singapore sightseeing and watching Taylor Swift’s concert last week.

Player Travis Kelce.  Photo: Netflix

Player Travis Kelce. Photo: Netflix

In a new episode of the New Heights podcast , Travis Kelce said he was amazed by the beauty of Singapore’s greenhouses. “I saw the world’s largest greenhouse, roamed around in it and saw magical plants. I love plants, love looking at flowers and trees. That place is amazing. They also have the biggest waterfall world in a greenhouse. The layout is very methodical and everything blooms at the same time. So unique!”, Travis said.

Taylor Swift’s boyfriend also praised the delicious food and architectural landscape in the Lion Island nation. “They have a hotel called Marina Bay Sands that looks like a boat resting on three pillars. The architecture is cool. Everything around the hotel is really beautiful. I was surprised with the lighting in the streets. Everything “They’re all beautiful and high-tech, impressively designed. In the US there are no such things,” Travis said.

Taylor Swift on tour.  Photo: TAS23

Taylor Swift on tour. Photo: TAS23

When arriving in Singapore in the middle of last week with a few close friends, Travis took the opportunity to visit many places during the day while on Friday and Saturday evenings he went to see Taylor Swift’s music night. “I saw two great shows on the Eras Tour and it was Taylor’s last stop until she returns to tour in two months,” the 34-year-old said.

In videos fans shared on social networks, Travis Kelce sat in the VIP area at National Stadium with friends to watch Taylor perform. Travis was seen singing and dancing his heart out to the tunes. At the end of the concert, he waited for Taylor at the stadium and gave her a passionate kiss.

Taylor Swift and her boyfriend after a concert in Singapore.  Photo: X

Taylor Swift and her boyfriend after a concert in Singapore. Photo: X

After Taylor Swift finished her tour in Singapore on March 9, she and her boyfriend returned to the US. According to !News , the pair attended Gucci’s Oscars after-party in Los Angeles on Sunday night with many stars such as Cillian Murphy, Billie Eilish, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence. Travis was also seen driving to Taylor’s private mansion in Beverly Hills earlier this week.