Cardi B addressed claims of an $80 million net worth before admitting that while she makes “a lot” of money, she also has hefty expenses.  

Cardi B says she has made “a lot of money” during her time in the music industry and believes she earned more than the $80 million estimates floating about online.

She addressed claims about her wealth in a recent interview with 360 With Speedy. Host Speedy Morman asked whether the estimates were accurate.

“Uh… Jesus Christ,” she replied after he asked if she was worth $80 million. “I made a lot of money,” she said before adding, “I feel like I actually passed almost doing $80 million.”

According to Cardi, while she’s amassed a substantial personal fortune, she also has a lot of expenses.

“But also, I got a lot, a lot of bills. I’m taking care of,” she added. “I’m helping a lot, and I help a lot of my friends and I help a lot of my family and everything.”

However, the “Like What” rapper said she sometimes feels like people are taking advantage of her. “Because it’s like, ‘Alright, if you’re so broke, if you’re really going through some s###, I just seen you outside.’ I remember when I was broke, I was never outside,” she added.

Cardi B recently shared her thoughts on couples sharing expenses, stating her belief that couples should split bills if they want to build their future together. However, she faced backlash with her comments dividing the sexes.

“The men started praising me and the women started attacking me,” she said earlier this week.

Cardi also received criticism from fans for “cursing me out” for going 50/50 with husband Offset, amid cheating allegations and their ongoing separation.

According to Cardi, while they have jointly invested in property, they don’t go halves on everything. “I want to make this very f###### clear. Me and Offset, we don’t go 50/50,” she added.

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