In a new post shared on Twitter Tuesday, Cardi B showed off her waist-length hair and teased her “homemade hair oil,” a potion she credits as part of her DIY at-home growth treatment.

“My hair has grown sooooo much!!!” the “WAP” rapper told her followers. “Let me know if y’all want a video my my HOMEMADE hair oil… handmade by ME!” Cardi continued.

Cardi B shows off waist-length hair, teases 'homemade hair oil'

Cardi, 30, kept her look simple in the mirror selfie, wearing white bedazzled sandals, blue leggings, a white tank top sans bra and a Barbie pink cardigan open. The mom of two didn’t wear any makeup for the photo, which kept the focus on her long, straight hair.

The “Jealousy” rapper’s fans quickly begged for a tutorial. “I needed that video like last year! Drop it girl,” one fan account requested. “Please send some my waaaay! My edges thank you in advance,” singer Victoria Monét replied.

Cardi B shows off waist-length hair, teases 'homemade hair oil'

Cardi – born Belcalis Almanzar – also posted photos of her hair evolution over the years, asking, “Everyone wants to blame my hair growing on genetics but where was the genetics when I was in school??”

“The facts are you need hair products and good care that works for you to maintain it and keep it healthy.. sometimes it’s not even just about growth it’s about keeping it HEALTHY and the growth comes,” the “I Like It” rapper lectured.

Cardi B shows off waist-length hair, teases 'homemade hair oil'

After Kash Doll requested the info, Cardi told the rapper, “Girl come to my house ….I will wash your hair down myself wit boiled onion water & make you a thick ass hair mask and have my auntie do your blow out,” before promising “Maaa liquor and food too !!!”

Indeed Cardi may not cook or clean, but she will tell you how she got this shine in her own kitchen.

In fact, in 2020, the New York native went viral for her DIY hair mask and it’s ingredients: Avocado, argan oil, mayonnaise, black castor oil, olive oil, eggs, honey and bananas, all whipped up in a blender until smooth and creamy.

In August 2022, she then revealed that she washes her hair with boiled onion water for a secret beauty hack.

“Its odorless and I notice that it’s been giving a shine to my hair,” Cardi assured her followers of the unconventional treatment.

Her fans tweeted that once they started using the household items Cardi recommended in the past, their hair grew quickly with one even calling her hair mask recipe “life-changing.”

Cardi B Natural Hair Growth Secrets Mask Onion Wash - xoNecole

When a Cardi critic said, “Y’all really don’t see how a LATINA selling ‘hair growth oil’ to BLACK women could be misleading?” the “Up” hitmaker quickly shot back, “IM NOT EVEN SELLIN [sic] ANYTHING YOU DUMBASS BITCH…I been showing my hair growth journey to my fans since 2016!”

While the star may not be bottling up her wares to hawk at a store yet, we’re sure fans would line up in droves if she ever did.