Last year, Cardi B shared on her Instagram stories the DIY hair mask she uses on her and her daughter Kulture’s locks.

The concoction called for avocado, argan oil, mayonnaise, black castor oil, olive oil, two eggs, honey, and banana, which Cardi applied onto hers and her daughter’s dry hair to accentuate their naturally curly tresses.

Cardi B announces haircare line to 'educate' people on Afro-Latina hair |  Metro News

“OK guys this is really what my hair is,” she explained in an accompanying video. “My hair gets like this when I blow-dry it and then two days later, it just gets puffed up. This is my texture, it just doesn’t get curly,” she said. The star then posted several pictures of her natural hair.

It’s in response to the confusion she received to images of her natural hair that Cardi, real name Belcalis Almanzar, announced yesterday that she will be launching a haircare line.

Cardi B Reveals Her Natural Hair Regimen on Twitter

“This year I will be coming out with a hairline that I been working on at home for my hair and my daughter’s,” the Grammy award-winner wrote on Instagram. “I think is time for people to educate themselves on nationality, race and ethnicity.”

She added: “Being Hispanic/Latina don’t make your hair long, don’t make your skin light [and] don’t make your face features slim especially [if you come from] Latin countries from the Caribbean islands … DNA has something to do with your hair not your nationality.”

While the WAP singer provided no extra insight into when we can expect Cardi B haircare, she’s the latest in a series of stars lending their names to hair brands. Tracee Ellis Ross launched Pattern Hair in 2019, which is specifically for textured hair types, and last year, Rihanna filed a copyright for Fenty Hair to produce shampoo, hair straightening items, hair weaving preparations, and hair glitter. At the start of 2021, Priyanka Chopra-Jonas also unveiled her upcoming line, Anomaly Haircare, which launches later this summer.