Cardi B is full of surprises. She is a hip-hop musician with many top-ten singles on the charts. Her most well-known songs have each amassed over 200 million views on YouTube.

It was after the success of her album Bodak Yellow, that the rapper initially gained notoriety. She didn’t have to look back again after that point. Currently, she is worth more than $40 Million.

The 30-year-old rapper is always a sight to behold with her exceptional dressing and makeup style. She was recently spotted on the Met Gala red carpet. The rapper opted for gray in honor of the theme of the event for this year ‘In honor of Karl.’ She made headlines for wearing four different outfits at Met Gala. Now past the grey, the WAP singer has shifted to red with her new brightly colored hairstyle.

Cardi B fans get first look at the rapper's new red hairstyle | Marca

Cardi B flaunts her new red-hot hairstyle

The rapper never leaves a chance to surprise her fans. Her recent Met Gala look was fresh in people’s minds that Cardi B decided to change her hairstyle. The Bodak Yellow hitmaker was spotted in Beverly Hills, California, with a new red-hot hairstyle.

The rapper has a strong online presence with 163 Million followers. She took to her social media to share her new hairstyle with her fans. She posted two brief clips with the new hair on her Instagram Story. The star was spotted in Los Angeles while she wore the same lip graphic shirt, matching red velour leggings, and a baby pink Hermès purse.

Cardi B Debuts New Fiery Red Hair Style

The 30-year-old rapper changed her normally raven hair in favor of a scorching new style that featured curls in a vivid shade of scarlet arranged into a voluminous updo. There are other people with new hairstyles besides the singer. Kulture, the I Like It rapper’s five-year-old daughter, opted to tint her hair the same color as her mom.

Fans troll Cardi B for her new look

Cardi B Debuts New Fiery Red Hair Style

Cardi B has a history of experimenting with her looks and outfits. She has surprised fans multiple times with her exceptional style. Even her Met Gala looks have been iconic. The rapper has recently undergone a look change, and she opted for bright red colored hair.
She shared her look with fans through her social media, and they were not a fan of her new red-hot hair.

They took to Twitter to express their disdain for the Shake It rapper’s new look. A person wrote, “How much she paid for this new face?” While others added, “Her plastic surgeon did her real bad.” One simply wrote, “Jumpscare.” A person clearly said, “You look ugly CARDI b just ugly.”


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