Cardi B recently made headlines as she candidly addressed her separation from husband Offset during an Instagram live session. In the heartfelt video, she revealed that they had been living separately for a while, expressing the challenges of sharing such news with her fans. The announcement came amidst rumors and speculations about their relationship, intensified by the couple unfollowing each other on Instagram.

Offset responded to accusations of infidelity, particularly with rapper Blueface’s ex, Christian Rock. The couple has a history of on-and-off relationships since their secret marriage in 2017. This recent development follows a pattern of previous splits in 2018, reconciliations, and a divorce filing in September 2020, which Cardi later withdrew after reconciling with Offset.

Offset Spotted With Model After Cardi B Split

Cardi B Reveals SHOCKING Reason Behind Offset Breakup

Their relationship has been marked by public scrutiny, fueled by past instances of Offset’s infidelity. Despite facing challenges, including a leaked sex tape in 2017, the couple welcomed their daughter, Culture, in July 2018. Cardi filed for divorce in September 2020, citing irretrievable breakdown, only to announce their reunion in October 2020.

Cardi B Reveals SHOCKING Reason Behind Offset Breakup - YouTube

Cardi has been open about the struggles in their relationship, citing arguments and the toll of constant media attention. In June 2021, the couple joyfully revealed they were expecting their second child during Cardi’s performance at the BET Awards. However, confirmed reports in December 2023 indicate the end of their relationship.

Offset Spotted With Model After Cardi B Split

Cardi’s journey with Offset has been a rollercoaster, marked by separations, reconciliations, and public scrutiny. Fans now wait to see how the duo navigates this new chapter, as representatives for Cardi B and Offset have not provided official comments on the situation.