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Amidst the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl era, General Manager Brett Veach offered his insights on their remarkable season during John Middlekauff’s “3 and Out” podcast.

Veach didn’t shy away from addressing the buzz surrounding Travis Kelce’s newfound romance with pop icon Taylor Swift, which has captivated the internet. Admitting he’s yet to meet the singer, Veach shared, “That’s the first question I get from all of my immediate friends and family. ‘So what’s Taylor like?’ I’m like, ‘I’ve never met her.'”

Brett Veach

Amidst strategic plays and triumphs, the romance between Kelce and Swift, both 34, became a captivating topic not just for fans but also for the Chiefs’ inner circle. Veach humorously recounted his indirect encounters with Swift, highlighting Kelce’s unique post-game routine exception. “I mean, she comes to the games and she’s up there (in a suite). And typically families come down (to the locker room area) to see the players. Travis goes up to see her, so I’ve seen her in passing.”

Despite Swift’s regular attendance at games, including the Super Bowl win in Las Vegas, Veach explained her presence is remarkably non-intrusive. “If you didn’t go online, you would have no idea that he’s in a relationship with Taylor Swift,” he remarked on the Fescoe in the Morning Show. He further boasted about his team’s professionalism and mutual respect, which kept their focus solely on the game. “[Kelce] doesn’t talk about it, players don’t talk about it,” Veach said. “You’d think you’d hear the songs at practice and all the guys getting on him, this and that. But there’s such a high level of respect for each other in this locker room.”

Away from the stadium lights, Kelce and Swift have been nurturing their relationship, spending time at Swift’s Beverly Hills home and embarking on travels together. Currently, the couple is enjoying a vacation in the Bahamas, making the most of a rare break in their typically busy schedules.

As for Veach, he expressed optimism about the possibility of meeting Swift someday, considering she was present for at least 13 Chiefs games during the 2023 season. “It’s been a wild ride,” he mentioned. “And, you know, listen, maybe Travis will bring her around every now and then.”


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