The mother of 6 children takes 2 and a half hours every day to transform into Maleficent on screen with an extremely elaborate makeup process.

“The makeup process took about 2 and a half hours, not to mention I had to do my hair to fit the horns as well as make my cheekbones sharper. The makeup team was amazing,” Angelina Jolie shared.

Earning more than 750 million USD, the first film about the villain Maleficent, released in 2014, conquered audiences all over the world. The work created a new nuance for the traditional fairy tale by bringing a villain into the central character


Angelina Jolie.

Part 2 of the film, with the central character still being Maleficent played by Angelina Jolie, officially opened in theaters worldwide on October 18, continuing to be a masterpiece on the screen with beautiful effects, sparkling images and drama. version with more dramatic situations.

In the previous part, Maleficent made viewers curious about the past of the famous villain, who placed a cruel curse on Princess Aurora. But coming to “Maleficent 2”, this film especially emphasizes human emotions. The film is set many years after the events of “Sleeping Beauty”, when the peace between humans and fairies was shaken, pushing the two kingdoms to the brink of war.


 Angelina Jolie’s appearance in “Maleficent 2”.

Returning after 5 years, Angelina Jolie as Maleficent still carries on her mission to protect the magical creatures of the magical Moors. Although her personality is somewhat mysterious and always appears harsh, Maleficent has begun to love the little princess Aurora and always wishes Aurora to live in joy and happiness.

In this part, Aurora and Maleficent will have time to be apart and that is an opportunity for them to understand who they are without the other person by their side, where they both truly belong and what life will look like. when they are no longer together.