Cardi B reveals her dream collab with Shakira on ‘Punteria’ was years in the making, saying she’d “meow” to get the global star on the track.

Cardi B Says Punteria Collab With Shakira Is A 'Dream
Cardi B and Shakira (PC: YouTube)

Anything Cardi B desires, she gets, even if it involves meowing along to a song featuring international singer Shakira. The vocal rapper has never hidden her desire to collaborate with the Colombian singer, and “Punteria,” her new single, is the first fruit of that wish. Cardi enthused about how the partnership was a “dream” that she had made come true via pure effort in a recent interview.

“I manifested this,” Cardi proclaimed about landing the Shakira feature. “This wasn’t given to me,” reports Oxford Media Group.

Fans of Cardi’s hard-hitting delivery and Shakira’s distinctive Latin pop sound are raving about this unexpected but incredibly potent combination on the song. Cardi further said that she would have done almost anything, including making pussycat noises, to make it happen

Cardi B and Shakira (PC: YouTube)

Cardi Opens Up On ‘Punteria’

Cardi revealed how the partnership came to be and what it meant to her in an interview to promote “Punteria”. The Bronx native said she had been imagining herself working with Shakira for years, with her sights set on collaborating with the world-renowned artist.

Regarding her plans, Cardi stated, “I want to get Shakira on a song. I’ma reinforce it, I’ma speak it into existence.”

“I was like ‘I don’t care if she wants me to meow, I don’t care what I have to do, I want to get Shakira on a song so I’m going to call my people and tell them to reach out to her people,'” she joked.

Cardi’s efforts were rewarded when she was able to secure the legendary “Hips Don’t Lie” hitmaker for their legendary collaboration on “Punteria.” And from Cardi’s ecstatic response, it was well worth using any necessary feline sound effects.

Cardi said, “It’s an impressive collaboration and iconic one for the books between two queens,” regarding her alliance with Shakira. Together, the two international celebrities can fuse their distinct styles and cultural influences into a potent hymn

Cardi B and Shakira (PC: YouTube)

The Mythical Power of ‘Punteria’  

The way “Punteria” combines Cardi B and Shakira’s musical styles is one of the things that makes it such a unique combination. The song showcases the greatest qualities of both performers: Cardi’s fast-paced, direct bars and Shakira’s captivating vocal ability and penchant for creating global pop hits.

“The combination of Shakira’s undeniable Latin and Arabic vocal inflections and Cardi’s fiery artistic delivery has resulted in a mythical explosion of sounds that defy borders,” stated a critic of the track.

With “Punteria” receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews and discussion, it appears Cardi’s unwavering determination to collaborate with Shakira has paid off handsomely. Cardi describes the partnership as a “dream” come true and the realization of her long-held goal to work with one of the most recognisable and innovative musicians in music.