Golden-voiced rapper Drake has surprised fans by confessing his latest lyrics were aimed to prick at pop royalty Rihanna.

Regret filled the air as Drake owned up to intentionally constructing lyrics meant to cause hurt, a move that left his followers taken aback. The revelation jolted fans, who didn’t anticipate Drake would target his former flame, Rihanna, in such a conflicting way.

Drake and Rihanna haven’t always been on rocky terrain. Their complicated liaison, over the years, defied labels and yet bred beautiful music collaborations amidst whispers of romance. Yet, this held no water as Drake admitted that his new track intensified a fissure in their once cordial equation.

Nevertheless, amidst this unexpected controversy, Drake chose to swallow his pride. He acknowledged his misstep, offering a sincere apology for his action. This interesting twist in their relationship narrative has left fans questioning the depth of Drake’s emotions for Rihanna. It certainly keeps them speculating on what the future holds for these renowned artists’ rapport.