“I’m obsessed with making money. Since I was little, I told myself I had to be rich so that my children’s lives would be better in the future,” Angelina Jolie shared.

Angelina Jolie returns strongly with many big projects. Some of her new movies have also been scheduled for release. According to Forbes, the results of her hard work brought the star an income of 35.5 million USD last year.

Among the top 100 highest-earning female stars, Jolie owns a fortune of 160 million USD. On average, she earns more than 30 million USD each year from movies and advertising contracts. In addition, she also invests in real estate and other company shares.

Obsessed with making money

In an interview on Vogue, Angelina Jolie shared: “I am obsessed with making a lot of money. When I was a child, everything was very difficult and I told myself I had to be rich so that my children could have a full life in the future. “.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, from 2001 to 2011 alone, Brad Pitt’s ex-wife pocketed more than 120 million USD for filming (the salary of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider alone was 7 million USD). Since then, salaries have steadily increased. Coming to The Tourist, Jolie received nearly 20 million USD.

With a legacy of more than 30 cinematic works, most of which are box office blockbusters, it is not surprising that Jolie is sought after by most veteran filmmakers. Box Office Mojo said that the series Jolie participated in earned $5.99 billion in global revenue.

And The Time revealed that in order for the mother of six children to accept the role of Maleficent, Disney had to spend 33 million USD, despite the fact that the beauty had not appeared on screen for nearly 4 years. She was also paid $23.37 million by Netflix for a television series based on Loung Ung’s memoir.

Angelina Jolie is in the top 100 highest-earning female stars in the world. Photo: New Indian Express.

Recently, Jolie confirmed that she will appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the superhero Thena of the Eternals group. Many fans wonder how much Marvel spent to invite Jolie to join the MCU.

In addition to her movie salary, Jolie also does a lot of commercials. The star once signed a contract worth 12 million USD with St. John. In 2011, French luxury brand Louis Vuitton agreed to pay 10 million USD for Angelina Jolie to be an ambassador for one year.

Not to mention, the production company Jolie Pas Production also brought the beauty tens of millions of dollars in profits from the projects Unbroken, The Breadwinner and By the Sea.

The actress also co-owns a wine company with her ex-husband Brad Pitt based in France. In 2013, the pair launched Miraval Rosé wine. This is considered a resounding success when the first 6,000 bottles in stores around the world were sold out in just 5 hours.

Treat everyone liberally

It can be said that Angelina Jolie spends the most money investing in the future of her 6 children. Every year, she spends $900,000 to hire a nanny to take care of each child. The actress’s children do not go to school but are educated at home, so hiring a private teacher also costs a lot of money.

Not to mention, a team of bodyguards is hired to closely protect the children every time they go out. Tuition, travel and other expenses also cost Jolie a lot.

When she was living with Brad Pitt, Jolie was generous and often bought her partner expensive gifts.

A decade ago, she gave Brad Pitt a 200-year-old tree in the Chateau Miraval villa in France. She also bought him a diamond pendant engraved with a very small love note. According to The Sun, the necklace is worth up to 1 million USD.

Marie Claire reported that the Tomb Raider star spent $250,000 on a wedding gift for his partner. That is the typewriter that the late writer Ernest Hemingway used to write From Whom the Bell Tolls before committing suicide.

The most luxurious gift Jolie gave Pitt was a $1.6 million helicopter, which she described as “just because he helped me fly with profound love lessons.”

The star also buys and resells many houses and land like other stars. Photo: People.

Like many other stars, Jolie is also passionate about real estate. The actress recently bought a villa in Los Angeles for $25 million. She and Brad Pitt co-own several properties in Europe. The most significant is the Chateau Miraval estate of over 485 hectares for growing grapes and processing wine (67 million USD).

Angelina Jolie is famous for her diligent charity work. As Special Envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the American beauty donated more than 5 million USD to the organization and traveled all over the world to help difficult cases.

The star owns a charity fund with her ex-husband, with the purpose of donating to humanitarian activities around the world. The pair raised $1 million to help difficult situations in the Central African Republic and $2 million to protect wildlife in Namibia in 2011.

Despite being opposed by many people, the Maleficent star still spent $5 million to buy 7.5 hectares of forest in Cambodia in 2015 to save the animals living there. She calls it the Maddox Jolie project because her son was adopted from this country.

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