The Bardi Gang has been waiting six years for their favorite rapper to release her sophomore studio LP. After many delays, Cardi B announced that her next full-length project will come out in 2024.

On Saturdayay (March 23), Cardi B took part in a live Q&A session on Threads. At one point, the official @threads account asked the Bronx-raised rapper to describe her upcoming album in one word.

“Different. I think it’s different. I think there’s going to be some songs that are like not expected to come from me,” Cardi responded on the Meta-owned social media platform.

Cardi B’s Grammy Award-winning debut album, Invasion of Privacy, dropped in April 2018. Since that time, the mother of two released the tracks “WAP,” “Up,” “Hot S###” and “Bongos.”

Last week saw Cardi release her latest single. “Enough (Miami)” arrived with a Patience Harding-directed music video. Those visuals featured the rap star showing off several different outfits.

“So for the looks from ‘Miami,’ one of my favorite looks is the red look. The tape look because I’ve been wanting to do the tape look for a very long time,” Cardi stated on Threads.

She also added, “But my favorite glam look. Believe it or not. It’s the last scene where I have the T-shirt on. And my eyes are hazel. And the hair is just black and flawless. So pretty. Like I love that look.”