Bianca Censori stepped out in her latest daring look, but fans couldn’t help but notice she looked exactly like Kanye West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian

Bianca Censori and Kim Kardashian are displaying “mutual copycat behaviours”, according to a body language expert.

Known for her out-there ensembles, former model Bianca stepped out in her latest look on Tuesday, leaving little to the imagination in a tiny silver metallic bikini set. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that a similar outfit has already been worn by Kanye West’s ex-wife.

But now the controversial Carnival rapper’s current spouse is seeming to mimic The Kardashian star’s style, behavioural expert Judi James tells the Mirror not everything is as it seems. She says the pair’s relationship is only getting “more complex”.

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Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian has worn the metallic bikini before ( Image: Instagram)

Bianca Censori
Now Bianca has stepped out in a similar ensemble ( Image: @bkackBelt / BACKGRID)
Exclusively analysing recent snaps of Censori, Judi explained: “There seems to be some mutual copy-cat behaviours between Kim and Bianca, not just in terms of their fashion looks but their personal style and their body language too. Bianca’s metallic bra and pants plus her darker hair colour are making the two women look almost twinned at times. But this is more complex than any usual mirroring or copying behaviours.

“When we try to look like someone else it suggests either admiration, love, a need to compete or a desire to have a similar lifestyle. Couples often dress alike to feel closer and fans will often copy a star’s look to help them imagine they are part of the same world. Which makes the mimicry between Kim and Bianca even more complex and confusing.”

Judi says Kim is “done with the Kanye lifestyle” and has “no need for any fame by association”, adding, “Why she might admire new wife Bianca to the point of trying to look like her is anyone’s guess. Which hints at a desire to compete.

“Many ex-partners will place themselves as far away as possible in terms of any mimicry of the new spouse, especially when there is a big age difference as there is with Kim and Bianca. Bianca’s styling looks like a total testament to her husband’s tastes and decisions too, which is something you might expect Kim to veer away from now.

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“By copying the look she suggests she is still trying to please and impress him. There might be one extra factor in this apparent competition though. Kim and Kanye’s daughter has been seen looking very close to Bianca and maybe sees Kanye and Bianca as some kind of heroes as she even appeared on stage at his recent event.”

Finishing off her analysis, Judi concluded: “Kim might feel a need to align herself with this look for this reason, to signal she can be as powerful in their world of music and barely-there clothing as she is in her normal Hollywood circles.”

Bianca stepped out in the tiny metallic bra and skirt combination that resembles a look that Kim previously rocked. She was seen stepping out with her husband earlier this week while donning the silver micro miniskirt and thong, with her exposing her bum cheeks. She completed the look with a triangle-style bikini bra top.