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Like the other Kardashian and Jenner women, Kim Kardashian almost always looks perfect. Whether it has to do with her genes or the filters she uses, the reality television superstar almost always takes the perfect picture. This was not the case with a photograph she posted on Instagram. Reddit users were quick to point out there was something wrong with Kim Kardashian and her face.

Promote American Horror Story: Delicate

The photo Kim Kardashian posted on Instagram that is causing the uproar was a promotion for American Horror Story: Delicate. Instead of generating talk about the show, it got Reddit users in a frenzy about Kim Kardashian and her face.

The photo shows Kardashian with her dark hair parted down the middle. She is wearing a sleeveless, leather top. Of course, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star in full glam makeup. It also shows her very noticeably lopsided cheek.
Kim KardashianKim Kardashian

Reddit Users Sound Off About Kim Kardashian

There was little mercy in the comments Reddit users used to describe Kim Kardashian’s lopsided cheek. Some were almost brutal.

“Her face looks so big, so much filler,” a Reddit user explained, hinting that Kardashian had some sort of face-altering procedure done.

“She looks like she was punched in the left side of the face,” commented another Reddit user. Another Redditor compared her to her younger sister with “She looks puffy and swollen like Kylie.”

“The whole left side of her face looks off” was one of the most brutal comments about Kim Kardashian. “Like it’s sliding off her head.”

“Those lopsided cheeks are too much,” a Redditor stated.


Karma For Kim Kardashian’s Joke About Kate Middleton?

Perhaps the photo of Kim Kardashian’s face “sliding off her head” is karma for the cruel and insensitive joke she made about Kate Middleton. Posing in front of one of her many vehicles, Kardashian captioned the photo with “On my way to go find Kate.”

Kim Kardashian got a lot of hate for her comment about Kate Middleton. Seeing the future Queen of England has just been diagnosed with cancer and is going through preventative chemotherapy, there is not doubt she will get even more hate.

What Is Wrong With Her Face?

Kim fans are wondering what is wrong with her face. Was it a beauty-enhancing procedure that went badly? Was it poor lighting? Maybe the angle was not quite right?

At the time of publication, Kardashian had yet to offer any type of an explanation. Seeing all the negative attention the photo is getting, it is very likely the reality television star will do her best to explain what is wrong with her face. Until then, everyone will just have to wonder.

Tell us what you think. Is the photo as bad as everyone seems to think it is? What do you think is wrong with Kim Kardashian’s face? Sound off in the comment section below.