As Kim Kardashian shared a rare photo of her four kids with their cousin True Thompson, fans had a lot to say in the comments.

In the photo carousel on Instagram, True – who turns six on April 12 – was on her cousin North West’s back. The duo grinned at the camera – the five year old with her hair in braids, while North wore her long black hair in long ringlets.

North and cousin True© Provided by Hello! US

Another photo saw Psalm walking through the shallows on a beautiful white sandy beach with clear blue waters; Psalm posed on a boat candidly in the next picture. A different snap saw Saint smiling in his InterMiami kit – showing off his love of soccer.

‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRUE’© Provided by Hello! US

After showing off her amazing spring break holiday in Turks and Caicos, Kim showed that they’d had an early celebration of True’s sixth birthday, with a giant balloon decoration reading: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRUE” in pink capital lettering.

Some fans couldn’t quite believe it was True’s birthday.

Saint and his friends© Provided by Hello! US

“I feel like I have Mandela effect— it feels like every other week is True’s bday?” One person asked.

Another added: “Why is it always True’s bday?

A rare photo of Psalm© Provided by Hello! US

The general sentiment could be summed up by one fan though: “Happy birthday gorgeous True”.

More generally, people absolutely loved the adorable snaps of the family together.

Chicago looks out at the sea© Provided by Hello! US

“Northie is so beautiful”, one fan said, while another added “Kim you know they are beautiful, right?”

A third wrote: “Beautiful pics beautiful family” with a heart emoji.