Singer Taylor Swift and her boyfriend – rugby player Travis Kelce – have just returned from a vacation in the Bahamas. Information about this couple’s first official vacation is attracting attention.

After officially announcing their relationship since September 2023, it was not until this time that singer Taylor Swift and rugby player Travis Kelce managed to arrange time to have a romantic vacation together. Taylor Swift is on a break in the middle of her international Eras tour . Meanwhile, Travis Kelce ended a successful season.

During their current break, the couple went to the island nation of the Bahamas to enjoy a short romantic vacation. Here, the two stayed at the Rosalita villa located on Harbor Island. The sea view villa has a luxurious design with a rental price of 15,000 USD/night (equivalent to more than 370 million VND).
Love stop costing 15,000 USD/night for Taylor Swift and her boyfriend - 1Taylor Swift and her boyfriend stayed at the Rosalita villa while enjoying their vacation in the Bahamas (Photo: Page Six).

Love stop costing 15,000 USD/night for Taylor Swift and her boyfriend - 2Villa Rosalita has an impressive perspective (Photo: Page Six).

The villa has 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 1 swimming pool, 1 gym, lots of outdoor space, impressive garden perspective… Rosalita is a villa located on the beach with an impressive design. The space around the project is also carefully preserved. Cars are not allowed to move close to ensure absolute silence for people staying at the construction site.

Villa Rosalita is located next to a hill and is also shielded by a sand dune, so this building is very private and has the necessary privacy for Swift and Kelce when they stay here.

Services included when renting the building also include 2 chefs serving the culinary needs of villa residents, 1 manager, 3 housekeepers, 3 service staff, 3 gardeners who are also in charge of public affairs. The theme belongs to the coastal space around the villa, a security officer works at night.
Love stop costing 15,000 USD/night for Taylor Swift and her boyfriend - 3Swift and Kelce openly loved each other on the beach next to the villa (Photo: Page Six).

Love stop costing 15,000 USD/night for Taylor Swift and her boyfriend - 4The couple is very confident and openly expressing their love affair (Photo: Page Six).

During their romantic and hot vacation on the sunny island, Swift and Kelce had interesting experiences. The dishes served to the couple use vegetables grown in the garden next to the villa. Guests staying at the Rosalita villa can request to dine indoors or outdoors, and the wait staff will prepare it according to the request.

Guests can also request a fitness trainer, yoga teacher or pilates teacher to come practice with them, if needed.

During this vacation, Swift and Kelce had many public love scenes on the beach. This shows that the couple is very confident in their love affair. They knew that there would be many paparazzi following them, gathering around the villa where the two of them stayed. But the couple still comfortably enjoys the beach space opening up in front of the villa, instead of keeping privacy and privacy by staying indoors.
Love stop costing 15,000 USD/night for Taylor Swift and her boyfriend - 5The interior of Villa Rosalita is considered luxurious and aesthetically pleasing (Photo: Page Six).

Love stop costing 15,000 USD/night for Taylor Swift and her boyfriend - 6The service price when renting Rosalita villa is 15,000 USD/night (Photo: Page Six).

Taylor Swift and her boyfriend's $15,000/night love stop - 7The kitchen is located in the villa (Photo: Page Six).

The way Swift and Kelce spend money while dating has become a topic that has attracted the attention of the American press recently. The New York Post ( USA) has just reported that since publicly dating Swift since September 2023, Kelce has spent more than 8 million USD in “love expenses”. Meanwhile, his yearly income from his career as a rugby player is about more than 14 million USD.

Thus, Kelce has really invested in his love story with Swift, because Kelce spent more than half of the money he earned in a year to please the beauty. Meanwhile, in response to Kelce’s warm feelings, Swift also always rents the most luxurious hotel rooms and villas, with overwhelming service prices, to welcome her boyfriend every time he visits her in her country. she is on tour.
Love stop costing 15,000 USD/night for Taylor Swift and her boyfriend - 8Villa Rosalita has 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms (Photo: Page Six).

Taylor Swift and her boyfriend's $15,000/night love stop - 9Swimming pool in the villa (Photo: Page Six).

Love stop costing 15,000 USD/night for Taylor Swift and her boyfriend - 10Female singer Taylor Swift (Photo: Page Six).

Taylor Alison Swift (born 1989) is a famous American singer and songwriter. Swift’s writing and singing career, as well as her way of building her image, have influenced the international music industry, as well as global popular culture. Swift is a character who has received great attention from the media and the international public.

Swift began composing professionally at the age of 14. She had her first recording contract in 2005 with Big Machine Records. She quickly achieved success as a female pop country singer with albums such as Taylor Swift (2006), Fearless (2008) and Speak Now (2010).

Singles like Love Story or You Belong with Me witnessed the successful intersection of country and pop music, helping Swift rise in rank and become an international music star. The fourth album of her career – Red (2012) – is an experiment with electronic music. From this album she had the hit We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

Swift made a transition in image, from a country music star to a pop star with the album 1989 (2014). This is a pop music compilation album that created hits like Shake It Off , Blank Space , Bad Blood . The album Reputation (2017) created the hit song Look What You Made Me Do.

After signing a recording contract with Republic Records in 2018, Swift released the album Lover (2019) and the biographical documentary Miss Americana (2020). Swift exploited the indie folk style in the albums Folklore and Evermore released in 2020. She introduced electronic pop in the album Midnights (2022).

After having disagreements with her former record company, Swift began re-recording old albums, refreshing old songs and creating chart-topping hits such as Cruel Summer , Cardigan , Willow. , Anti-Hero , All Too Well , Is It Over Now?.

The Eras international tour (2023-2024) and the film surrounding this tour have become the highest-grossing tour and tour film of all time.

Swift is one of the world’s best-selling artists with more than 200 million records sold globally as of 2019. She is also the female artist on tour with the highest sales in music history, a female. Singer attracts the largest number of music listeners on several digital music platforms. Swift is the first female billionaire to build a “billion dollar” fortune mainly from her singing career.

In 2023, Time magazine honored Swift as Person of the Year. Swift has repeatedly appeared on prestigious magazine lists surrounding the greatest artists of all time and the most powerful women in the world. She has won countless music awards, the most impressive of which are 14 Grammy awards. Swift holds the record with 4 Grammy awards for Album of the Year.

Love stop costs 15,000 USD/night for Taylor Swift and her boyfriend - 11Football player Travis Kelce (Photo: Page Six).

American football player Travis Michael Kelce (born 1989) is playing for the Kansas City Chiefs club. Kelce started playing rugby in college and decided to pursue a professional career. Kelce has three times with the Kansas City Chiefs club won the championship in the US National Football League in the 2019, 2022 and 2023 seasons.

Kelce is considered one of the best players in the tail center position in rugby history. During his playing career, Kelce achieved many impressive achievements and won awards honoring his achievements.

Outside of the sports field, Kelce is most mentioned as the boyfriend of singer Taylor Swift. The relationship began in September 2023, attracting great attention from the media and the American public. The couple’s love story also helped the level of interest in the Kansas City Chiefs and the American National Football League increase dramatically.