Messi's words to Beckham about living in the United States when he retires

Will Lionel Messi live in Miami once he retires from football?

David Beckham managed to change the history of Major League Soccer when he signed Lionel Messi. The former soccer player who now owns Inter Miami, has never hidden his fanaticism for Lionel Messi, to such an extent that his signing was classified as a dream come true. Now, Lionel’s conversation with Beckham about living in Miami in the future has been revealed.

First of all, this is how David Beckham described the signing of Lionel Messi, and one of the reasons why they signed him: “One of the reasons we bought him was to also inspire the next generation of soccer players in the United States, to want to be soccer players. Messi has that power. Bringing him in accomplishes that and is something important for us.”

Lionel Messi is not an ordinary player, because only with his presence is he able to inspire millions of people, and David Beckham knows it: “Someone like that changes the game, inspires another generation of footballers. And that’s why we wanted to bring Leo to the team. Of course, we want to win championships and be the best team in the league.”

Lionel Messi’s words on living in USA

Now, it has been revealed that David Beckham wants Lionel Messi to live in Miami once he retires, however, the same Englishman revealed that Messi’s response was not positive, as he has other plans: “I would like Messi to live in Miami after that he will retire, but Leo told me that he only thinks about living near the Camp Nou. There is no player who loves Barcelona as much as he does. You can see the Barça logo on his leg and even on his thermos.”