Patrick Mahomes’ family seems all in for March Madness.

Arguably one of the most charged-up tournaments of the year, March Madness is a must-watch for basketball fans. And according to Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany’s Instagram story, their one-year-old son Bronze isn’t ready to miss even a minute.

In the small clip shared by Brittany Mahomes, Bronze was watching the game near the TV. He even raises his hands towards the screen for a second before walking away.
Patrick Mahomes' son Bronze watches a March Madness game (Image Credit: @brittanylynne IG)Patrick Mahomes’ son Bronze watches a March Madness game (Image Credit: @brittanylynne IG)

“This kid loves ball,” Brittany wrote in the caption.

They were watching the Oregon Ducks vs. South Carolina Gamecocks first-round game. Oregon, who won 87-73, will face the Creighton Bluejays in their second-round matchup.

Currently one of the best teams in the NCAA, Oregon certainly has a chance to win the national championship.

Patrick Mahomes, too, of course, is just as involved with March Madness.

In a recent Instagram story, Mahomes was seen wearing a Texas Longhorn mascot costume. Longhorn advanced after beating Colorado State, while Mahomes (a Texas Tech alumnus) seemed to have bet against them.

In fact, former Chiefs teammate Shane Buechele and his wife Paige were also in on the bet. Tagging the other two, Mahomes said:

“A bets (sic) a bet…Okay cool #Hookem”.

However, Paige added that it was apparently not a bet, and Mahomes put on the costume all by himself.
Patrick Mahomes puts on Texas Longhorn's mascot costumePatrick Mahomes puts on Texas Longhorn’s mascot costume

“What’s crazyyy is that there wasn’t even a bet,” Buchele added. “This was all him!!”

Patrick Mahomes is back in Kansas City after a vacation in Mexico

Earlier this offseason, Mahomes headed to Mexico with his family and friends. The quarterback, who is aiming for a three-peat with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2025, gets a few weeks off before rejoining his squad for practice.

Brittany shared regular updates from their small vacation, which lasted a few days.

The couple was recently at a National Women’s Soccer League game, supporting their co-owned team, the Kansas City Current.

Both Mahomes and Brittany even went viral for celebrating their team’s win, hoping for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce to join them for one game at least.