After 8 long years of intense litigation with his ex-wife to gain custody of their children, Brad Pitt chose to stop. In addition to Jolie-Pitt’s children gradually turning 18 years old, he gave up because he was estranged from his children, forgetting the past of being loved and carried by his father.

The divorce and custody battle between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie  is gradually coming to an end, most recently with the Hollywood actor giving up custody of the child.

Previously, Brad Pitt demanded shared custody of 6 children, while Angelina Jolie fought for full custody. This legal battle lasted for ten years. Since going to court, Jolie’s children have all been under 18 years old. But since 2016 until now, the children have grown up, most of them choose to side with their mother.

After being removed from his name by his adopted daughter Zahara, and constantly attacked by his two adopted sons, Brad Pitt chose to give up, including his adopted child in Vietnam, named Pax Thien.

Why did Brad Pitt choose to stop?

Pax Thien - a son of Vietnamese origin who made Brad Pitt depressed and decided to give up -1
Jolie-Pitt’s family of 8 before entering the legal battle.

Brad Pitt gives up

According to  People,  the relationship between Brad Pitt and his children is tense after Angelina Jolie filed for divorce, declaring in court that the A-list actor in Hollywood was an abuser. She and her children were beaten and humiliated on the plane.

In a court filing, the  Maleficent  actress accused her husband of suffocating one child and hitting another child in the face. “On another occasion, he poured beer on Jolie, and on another occasion he poured red wine on the children,” the document states.

Another time, Brad Pitt was also accused of abusing his eldest son Maddox, but was later exonerated, according to  OK! Magazine.

From then on, in the eyes of his children, Brad Pitt became a bad father.

While waiting for custody settlement, the six children temporarily stayed with their mother. From children needing guardianship, the star couple’s children gradually matured, turned 18 years old and made their own decisions.

The big blow to Brad Pitt came from Zahara.

At age 18, Zahara joined Alpha Kappa Alpha, the first black sorority at Spelman College. In the video, Zahara introduces her name as Zahara Marley Jolie instead of Zahara Jolie-Pitt. That means the only daughter gave up her father’s name and chose to side with her mother.

During the time they lived with their mother, despite frequent visits from Brad Pitt, the children were not interested in seeing their father, according to Page Six sources  .

On his 60th birthday, actor  Troy  wrote a letter “inviting” his six children to attend, in an effort to mend the relationship. However, only three biological children, including Shiloh, twins Knox and Vivienne, were interested in coming to celebrate their father’s birthday.

At that time, the media commented that it was “not too surprising” about that. On social networks, audiences used the phrase “bloody different” to talk about the three adopted children hating Brad Pitt, even though the three children had previously been cared for and held in the actor’s arms.

Pax Thien - a son of Vietnamese descent made Brad Pitt depressed and decided to give up - 2

Pax Thien - a son of Vietnamese descent made Brad Pitt depressed and decided to give up - 3
As they grow up, children gradually move away from Brad Pitt.

The most surprising thing is that in the end none of the children were able to go to Paris, France to celebrate their father’s birthday, according to  Life & Style.

Of the four older children who are aware enough of the legal battle between their parents, only biological daughter Shiloh has sympathy for Brad Pitt. She was even the one who tried to urge her brothers and sisters to talk to their father.

At one point, she got fed up and left home because she was helpless in the face of the worsening tension between her parents. According to  New Idea Magazine,  the 17-year-old girl had no other choice but to leave home for a while. She needs space to escape the toxic war between her parents.

As the disagreement between Brad Pitt and his children grew, Angelina Jolie realized it was bad for her children and had to step in.

According to  Radar Online,  Jolie had a serious conversation, asking her six children to reconcile with their father. However, actor  Mr & Mrs. Smith  was determined not to compromise on custody rights between the children (at that time, only Maddox was 18 years old, and had no influence in the battle on the father’s or mother’s side).

” Angelina Jolie still wants to take custody of her children as the children grow up day by day. The children even say it’s time to stop because the children have made their own decisions ,” the source said.

In the end, the 60-year-old star chose to stop arguing about custody, while the three adopted children were all adults (Maddox is 22 years old, Pax Thien is 20 years old and Zahara is 19 years old).

The media and audience commented that Brad Pitt’s decision means that the A-list actor “abandoned” the three adopted children who grew up in his arms.

Still the same, only Shiloh has sympathy for her father. According to  InTouch,  the actor’s eldest daughter plans to come live with her father when she turns 18 in May. ” Shiloh is still Pitt’s little girl and is always loved ,” the source said.

The Vietnamese-born son made Brad Pitt depressed

Among the six children who chose their mother over their father, Pax Thien was the child who reacted most harshly to Brad Pitt. The son adopted by the actor couple in Vietnam was also the first to be publicly criticized.

On Father’s Day, Brad Pitt should have received wishes, everything was the opposite and became a nightmare for an A-list actor.

Pax Thien at that time posted a photo of Brad Pitt receiving an Oscar for his role in  Once Upon a Time in Hollywood , with the description: ” Happy Father’s Day. Time and time again, you have only proven that you are a terrible and worthy father.” contempt “.

Pax Thien also said that he sympathizes with his brothers, who always tremble in fear every time they face their father: ” You will never understand the hurt you caused to my family. You are incapable of understanding.” we “.

Jolie-Pitt’s second child added that Brad Pitt turned his mother and siblings’ lives into hell. The actor can tell the world anything, “but the truth about the bad father will come to light”.

The words that the media said were “laced with poison and highly damaging” from Pax Thien caused Brad Pitt to collapse.

Pax Thien - a son of Vietnamese descent made Brad Pitt depressed and decided to give up - 4Pax Thien - a son of Vietnamese descent made Brad Pitt depressed and decided to give up -5
“Pax Thien has forgotten the moment when he was loved by his father Brad Pitt,” the audience commented.

Back in 2007, during a visit to Vietnam, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (not married at the time) noticed a child named Sang at an orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City. At that time, Sang was a shy child nestled in a corner among the children surrounding Jolie-Pitt.

After learning about Sang’s situation of being left at an orphanage by his drug-addicted mother, Jolie decided to adopt him, giving him the new name Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt. A year later, Pax Thien became Brad Pitt’s legal son.

From the adoption process, being held in Brad Pitt’s arms for a long time, to being on his mother’s side and opposing his father, Brad Pitt was hurt, according to Mirror.

According to  Page Six,  during the dispute with Jolie, Brad Pitt never involved his children or mentioned their names in the newspaper. The father of 6 children maintains silence and focuses on dividing custody of his children.

But the fact that Pax Thien called his father a “world-class bastard” made Brad Pitt more sad than angry. ” Pitt respects his children, feels sad when the issue is pushed up. Brad Pitt is always described as a bad guy but will choose to stay silent ,” one person said.

After four years since his second son’s heartbreaking words, Brad Pitt has done what he promised by never dragging his children into the legal battle with Angelina Jolie.

And then, Brad Pitt chose to give up after many hurts.