Pax Thien is the famous adopted son of star couple Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie. Once very shy when joining the Jolie-Pitt family, Pax Thien has now changed and become more and more mature.

Pax Thien (Nguyen Quang Sang) is a Vietnamese adopted son adopted by star couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in 2007 in Ho Chi Minh City.

When he was born, Pax was severely malnourished, had skin diseases all over his body and was often sick. Angelina gave her son the name Pax Thien, which means “peaceful sky” with the hope of a better future for the Vietnamese boy.

The road back to America for Angelina and her mother was not smooth. Pax Thien became the target of kidnapping and extortion of up to 100 million USD. The change in life also greatly affected Pax Thien’s psychology. The boy had to go to the hospital for psychological treatment many times with his father Brad Pitt.

In the first years of coming to America, Pax Thien was quite shy, often appearing shy and taciturn. He often holds the hands of his parents and brothers and sisters tightly no matter where he appears. After about 6 months of getting used to a completely different life in America, Pax gradually adapted and seemed comfortable with his new family. The boy always asked his mother Angelina to hold him and sometimes seemed whiny and cried when he met a crowd.

A few years after becoming a 9- or 10-year-old boy, Pax often had many negative reactions to reporters such as getting angry, running away, and screaming when being followed too closely and taking photos. He is also the most active child in the house.

The couple’s family revealed that their adopted Vietnamese son has a passion for cooking and helping his parents. Pax Thien was also allowed to learn Vietnamese so as not to forget his mother tongue along with other skills such as photography and painting.

Since childhood, Pax Thien has possessed a strong, masculine style. He often wears shorts, simple t-shirts and sneakers.

The actress has a lot of love for her adopted Vietnamese son when she often takes him to important events.

The adopted son of Vietnamese origin appears to be much more attached to his mother than his father Brad Pitt. Pax Thien often accompanies his mother to events. He often wears neat, luxurious and mature suits.

Pax Thien is often seen walking next to Angelina Jolie on the street, on occasions when eating or shopping. Every time he appears, the Vietnamese boy shows his bravery as he carries things for his mother and helps look after his younger siblings.

Like his brother Maddox, Pax also participated in the production of the movie First They Killed My Father with his mother as a behind-the-scenes photographer. In addition, the boy also has a special interest in music and likes to play DJ. He was also encouraged by his mother to develop his artistic abilities from a young age, creating conditions for him to participate in activities related to film, music and photography.

Gradually growing up, Pax got used to being the center of attention and appeared calmer, more confident and calm when being chased by the press. Since Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt announced their divorce, Pax Thien and Maddox have become emotional support to support Angelina’s mother a lot.

Pax Thien also has a normal life like other teenagers when he often goes out for walks with friends. When appearing with his peers, the boy appeared more comfortable, close and cheerful.

Recently, Angelina Jolie and her Vietnamese-born son Pax Thien were seen on West Hollywood street when mother and son went out to eat ice cream and shop together. Pax wears an expensive Givenchy loose t-shirt and black glasses to look mature, tough and masculine.