Singer-songwriter Rihanna, recently caused a buzz when she was seen in Beverly Hills on a family day out, minus her supposed second child, RIOT. The award-winning artist had a surprising explanation behind RIOT’s notable absence. Unlike what fans had assumed, RIOT was not actually a child, but a mere doll! Rihanna disclosed that the doll was an amusing gift from an ardent fan.She found the idea endearing and hilarious enough to incorporate the doll into her family outing, having a bit of harmless fun with the misunderstanding. The fans, initially caught off guard by the revelation, found her sense of humor delightful and refreshing, creating a playful twist to an otherwise ordinary day out in Beverly Hills.

Rihanna’s candid confession and unique sense of humor added an unexpected yet entertaining spin to the Beverly Hills outing. Although RIOT, the doll, is not a real child, it made for an amusing companion, turning an ordinary day into a memorable affair.