Rihanna’s journey to success in the beauty industry is nothing short of remarkable, with her cosmetics empire, Fenty Beauty, standing as the world’s leading beauty brand.

Rihanna credits her mother as her inspiration for her love of beauty and makeup, which she learned from an early age.

Fenty Beauty made waves in 2017 with its inclusive range of foundation shades, setting a new standard for diversity in the industry.

Under Rihanna’s leadership, the brand continues to expand its product line with innovative cosmetics and skincare products that resonate with consumers worldwide.

Rihanna’s entrepreneurial skills and commitment to diversity have propelled Fenty Beauty to unparalleled heights, solidifying its status as a global beauty powerhouse.

With a net worth of $2.8 billion, Rihanna’s cosmetics empire is a testament to her remarkable achievements and an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

As Rihanna continues to break barriers and redefine beauty standards, her mother’s influence remains a guiding force, reminding her of the transformative power of makeup and the importance of celebrating individuality. With Fenty Beauty leading the charge towards a more inclusive beauty industry, Rihanna’s legacy is set to endure for generations to come.