Pop star Rihanna recently revealed that her son is upset and crying over the Oscars. The singer shared this information during a virtual interview with Access Hollywood. She did not mention which specific aspect of the Oscars her son was upset about.

However, Rihanna hinted that it might be because her Fenty Beauty line did not receive the recognition it deserved at the prestigious award ceremony.

Given that Rihanna’s cosmetics brand is highly regarded and has garnered widespread acclaim, it is understandable that she and her son may have had high hopes for the Oscars. Fenty Beauty has been hailed for its inclusive range of products, catering to people of all skin tones.

The brand has also been recognized for its commitment to diversity and representation within the beauty industry.

Rihanna’s disappointment over the Oscars highlights how important recognition and validation through prestigious award ceremonies can be to individuals and their businesses. In the world of entertainment and fashion, accolades and honors serve as a form of affirmation and a measure of success. When one’s work is not acknowledged or celebrated in this manner, it can be disheartening.

Despite this setback, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty continues to thrive and resonate with consumers across the globe. The brand’s success is a testament to the quality, inclusivity, and innovation that it represents. While it may be disappointing for Rihanna and her son to be overlooked by the Oscars, the impact and influence of Fenty Beauty cannot be denied.