Kim Kardashian’s insensitive joke about Kate Middleton didn’t age well.

Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton photo mergeImage source: Instagram/Kim Kardashian, Instagram/Prince and Princess of Wales

Kim Kardashian faces backlash over joke about Kate Middleton amid her cancer diagnosis. After weeks of speculations about the suspicious disappearance of the Princess of Wales from the public eye, the world finally learned the shocking truth of her cancer diagnosis. The 42-year-old’s revelation in a touching video has left emotions heightened as the world hopes for her seamless recovery post-chemotherapy. Previous conspiracy theories and jokes about the Princess, which once thrived amid her public absence, have become insensitive and even offensive.

Kim Kardashian’s Joke About Kate Middleton Takes Another Turn

Kim Kardashian finds herself at the center of these emotional outbursts thanks to a misguided joke about Kate Middleton days before news of her cancer diagnosis broke. A week prior, the reality star took to Instagram to share photos of herself, including one showing her standing beside a sports car in a crop top and flare leather pants. Others captured her looking through a bookshelf in a library or strolling through an indoor space. She joked in her caption,

“On my way to find Kate.”

At the time, some fans dug the comment, even urging Kim to complete the task and return with a positive update about the Princess of Wales. However, most didn’t take kindly to it, pointing out the Princess was recovering from a major surgery and needed privacy. With Kate Middleton’s recent revelation of her cancer diagnosis, they doubled down on their criticism, describing the joke as distasteful and insensitive.

Many have since demanded a public apology from Kim in the wake of Kate’s health update. They’ve also called on the TV personality and business mogul to take down the post. However, Kim Kardashian remains unyielding, with her post remaining intact over 48 hours later.

In the wake of the media backlash, Kim Kardashian faced a slew of reporters after attending her son, Saint West’s soccer game. Asked if she has “any comments on Kate [Middleton]” following her earlier joke, Kim Kardashian tactfully evaded the reporters and photographers, making her way into her awaiting vehicle. Her choice to remain mum on the issue has further fueled criticism, especially with the post in question still gracing her page, unedited.