Angelina Jolie appeared on television showing off her very… “cool” ability to fly a plane herself.

Actress Angelina Jolie has just appeared in a new documentary called “The Queen’s Green Planet” broadcast on British television. She excited fans when she confidently piloted the plane herself. The female star appearing in the frame is very beautiful, very… “cool”.

Angelina has had a pilot’s certificate since 2004. She became interested in flying a plane after once witnessing a plane taking off and landing at an airport where she and her eldest son Maddox were having lunch together.

After that time, Angelina decided to learn to fly a plane. Although fans had known about this for a long time, when they witnessed Angelina directly controlling the plane in front of the camera in a steady and brave manner, many fans still feel shocked.

In the documentary, Angelina herself pilots a small plane over a desert area of Namibia. She operated very easily and comfortably, allowing the plane to land very smoothly.

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie made an impression when she appeared in a documentary with a scene of piloting a plane herself.

Angelina has had a pilot’s certificate since 2004, but seeing her directly fly a plane still makes fans shocked.

In fact, Angelina enjoys flying her own plane and has been flying continuously for more than a decade since she got her certificate. She once shared about the joy every time she flew into the air. In the documentary that aired earlier this week, Angelina had the opportunity to share many things, in which she talked about her love for the country of Namibia – where she gave birth to her first biological daughter – Shiloh.

“This place is very beautiful, I think this is one of the most beautiful places in the world” – Angelina shared. In 2006, when Angelina gave birth to her first daughter, Shiloh, she went to Namibia. There is also a nature conservation organization here that she often cooperates with in activities.

The message that the documentary sends revolves around environmental protection, Angelina shares: “Over the past decade, climate change has occurred clearly, deserts have expanded. I love the desert, but I don’t want the desert to expand this way.”

While controlling the plane, Angelina smiled and talked freely in front of the camera.

Angelina and her six children appear in a documentary revolving around the topic of environmental protection.

Angelina chats with local children.

Little girl Shiloh (pictured in the documentary) was born in Namibia in 2006.

Previously, Angelina had many times piloted a private plane to transport her family, including ex-husband Brad Pitt and their children, on long journeys.