Sydney Sweeney thinks Angelina Jolie is the “most beautiful woman” she’s ever seen.

Sydney Sweeney hails Angelina Jolie as the 'most beautiful woman she's ever seen'

Sydney Sweeney thinks Angelina Jolie is the “most beautiful woman” she’s ever seen.

The 26-year-old actress is a huge fan of the Oscar-winning star, and Sydney has confessed to being wowed by Angelina, 48, when she saw her in the flesh.

The blonde beauty told ‘Extra’: “I’ve seen her in a room once, and I remember sitting there and like the whole room parted ways and Angelina like walked through … just the most elegant, beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

Despite this, Sydney felt too nervous to approach Angelina at the time.

She said: “This was years and years ago … I was too scared to say a word to anyone.”

Sydney recently wore Angelina’s Marc Bouwer 2004 Oscars dress to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, and the actress has explained how the decision came about.

The Hollywood star shared: “It was a mixture between the designer Marc Bouwer and my stylist Molly Dixon … I just was blown away that I was even lucky to wear this outfit. We had it for quite a while and [were] trying to just find the perfect moment to wear the dress.”

Meanwhile, Sydney recently hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’.

The actress found hosting the long-running comedy show to be a “scary” experience – but she would love to do it again.

She said during her SXSW panel: “It was so scary my mouth dried up. I am having panic attacks thinking of it.

“I wanted to do it because I think it’s important to do things that scare you, and the whole ‘SNL’ experience was challenging and terrifying.”

However, prior to ‘Saturday Night Live’, Sydney already had lots of experience of battling with her nerves.

She shared: “This is ingrained in my memory. I was 14, and I got to a test for a recurring role on TV. It was ABC Family. There were more than two people in the room. I got so nervous, and I forgot all of my lines.”