Swifties were torn over what Kansas City Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce meant during his latest podcast with brother Jason Kelce.

Travis Kelce stirred the pot of engagement and baby rumors with his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, during his podcast, New Heights.

On an episode this week, the two NFL players were jokingly comparing NBA player Victor Wembanyama to a lab-grown diamond.

Continuing on with the joke, the recently retired Jason Kelce stated that lab-grown humans are probably not too far off, and Travis Kelce added, “Can’t wait ’til I fuckin’ make one.”

Travis Kelce in suit. taylor swift posing in dress


Is he hinting at baby plans? His brother Jason immediately jumped into the conversation, “Do not do this. Do not give any more conspiracy theorists anything else to latch onto, please.”

The comments sparked engagement rumors as some fans read the reply as Travis Kelce’s desire to make a diamond while others argued that he has a baby with Swift on his mind.



Kelce and Swift have had a whirlwind relationship since she first showed up to his game in September 2023. The team went 10-3 in all games that she came to and that included the Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

Travis Kelce Reportedly Wants To Propose To Taylor Swift This Summer

There have been rumors for months that the relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce was moving incredibly fast and might be taking the next step.

According to Page Six, Travis Kelce has major plans to propose to Taylor Swift this summer.

‘Taylor and Travis discussed it and there is a plan,’ an insider told Page Six a few weeks ago. ‘They will get engaged on their one-year anniversary in July.’

As he was gearing up to play in Super Bowl XVIII, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end somewhat addressed engagement rumors during a press conference in February when he said, “I’m focused on getting this ring.”

He did in fact get that ring, but will he be adding another one off the field?