Of her six children, Angelina Jolie always shows favoritism and is closest to her Vietnamese-born son – Pax Thien.

During her famous marriage to Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie had 6 children, both adopted and biological.

Although she always declares that she loves her children equally regardless of whether they are boys or girls, related by blood or not, or skin color, Angelina Jolie still cannot hide her special preference for one child. That’s the boy Pax Thien.

The name Pax Thien was given to the Vietnamese boy by Angelina Jolie. Thien means the sky not only for him to always remember the place where he was born but also to show the freedom and wildness in the boy’s personality – what Angelina Jolie loves the most.


Always the most unique child among mother Angelina’s six children, Pax Thien lives very instinctively. Even Angelina Jolie had to admit that his rebellious look reminded her of herself when she was young.

Despite his rebellious personality, for Angelina Jolie, Pax Thien is the most affectionate child. She once shared about her second son Pax in an interview with a proud voice. “Pax is very strong. He is very serious but also a sweet boy,” Angelina told Hello.

As a child, Pax Thien was famous for always showing an unruly attitude when being chased by the press. But with Angelina’s motherly love, Pax Thien has changed. The older he gets, the more mature he becomes in personality and becomes aware of his special position compared to his brothers and sisters.

From a shy orphan boy to a steadfast, mature person, how was Pax Thien taught?

Although he is not the oldest child, Pax Thien always behaves like a big brother.

“Pax likes to give in and have fun with the children. Pax always takes care of them like a big brother ready to protect his younger brother. From a child who doesn’t like to be followed, Pax always keeps an eye on him. children and when they go out, they hold their hands tightly as if they’re afraid of getting lost,” Angelina Jolie described.

When his parents’ marriage broke down, Pax Thien showed even more clearly the strength of a man, ready to become a support for his mother.

Pax is the child who appears with Angelina the most often. And every time he goes out on the street with his mother, people always see the boy carrying the bags, not letting his mother have to struggle even in the smallest matter.

Pax Thien proves that he has matured both in appearance and inside. He is always aware that he is a man when he is with his mother by not letting her carry heavy things.

When Angelina Jolie went to Cambodia to film the movie First They Killed My Father, she took Pax Thien with her and let him take on the position of behind-the-scenes photographer of the film crew.

In 2017, amid the turmoil of divorce, Angelina Jolie only brought Pax Thien with her to attend the Golden Globe Awards.

Not only does Pax Thien want to be a shoulder for her mother, perhaps Angelina Jolie herself always feels the need to have this “little man” by her side. Even though they are not biological children, the emotional bond between Angelina Jolie and Pax Thien is truly special.

Facing turbulence about health and marriage, Angelina Jolie always has Pax Thien by her side as support.