Pax Thien has always been a caring son and supported Angelina Jolie wholeheartedly whenever she encountered difficulties.

Recently, Angelina Jolie was spotted appearing at her fashion shop in New York. She did not go alone but was escorted by her son Pax Thien. Some photos show the adopted son of Vietnamese descent wearing a hat and jacket to stand out when accompanying his mother.

Angelina Jolie appeared in New York after Brad Pitt won against her in the estate lawsuit.

It can be seen that Pax Thien always quietly supports and encourages Angelina Jolie whenever she encounters difficulties. When his parents decided to divorce, he took on the role of the family’s breadwinner. Pax does not hesitate to take care of his mother on set as well as every time he appears in public. This is what makes netizens have a lot of sympathy for Pax Thien.

Pax Thien quietly escorted Jolie and supported her adoptive mother to overcome unhappy events.

It is known that in the recent trial, Brad Pitt was victorious in the case accusing Angelina Jolie of intentionally selling shares of an estate in France to the owner of a giant wine class in Russia. Losing power to Brad probably had a significant impact on Jolie’s mood.

Brad and Angelina bought the property in 2011. Initially Brad owned 60% of the shares, Angelina kept 40%. In 2014, the two held their wedding at this estate. After the marriage, the actor “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” gave his wife a wedding gift by transferring 10% of the shares to Jolie, but this transfer was not official. After discovering that Angelina secretly sold shares to outsiders, Brad Pitt wanted to take back this asset and maintain control. The court agreed and ruled that Brad could keep 60% of the shares for 1 year or more until the lawsuit was completely ended.