Some netizens believe that Pax Thien wants to gain sympathy from his adoptive mother so that he can later divide his huge fortune.

Since Angelina Jolie divorced Brad Pitt, Pax Thien became a spiritual support for her adoptive mother. Not only does he often escort Jolie in public, the Vietnamese-born gentleman also often takes on the role of assistant to support her at film sets or at his own fashion brand’s headquarters.

Pax Thien, Angelina Jolie, Vietnamese adopted son, Hollywood stars

Pax Thien worked hard as a deputy for his adoptive mother Angelina Jolie.

Images of Pax Thien tirelessly protecting Angelina Jolie, carrying bags or walking next to her to take pictures of her entire working process are constantly posted online. Recently, when Jolie was busy preparing a dress for an artist attending the 96th Academy Awards, Pax was the photographer.

Looking at the scene of Pax actively following Angelina every step of the way, some netizens believe that he wants to win the affection of his adoptive mother so that she can later divide her assets. Everyone knows that Jolie owns assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Pax Thien, Angelina Jolie, Vietnamese adopted son, Hollywood stars

Pax Thien, Angelina Jolie, Vietnamese adopted son, Hollywood stars

Some netizens suspect that her adopted son of Vietnamese origin followed Angelina’s footsteps because he wanted to share his huge fortune in the future.

However, there are netizens who spoke up to defend Pax Thien. They commented that Pax is a strong, independent guy. He also did not follow the path of becoming an actor but built his career in another direction because he did not want to be known for relying on his famous parents. In addition, there are also sources revealing that Angelina left all her assets to Maddox, her eldest son and adopted son from Cambodia. If the above information is correct, then Pax Thien did everything for Angelina Jolie with the sole purpose of being filial to the person who raised him for decades.