The real reason why David Beckham wanted Lionel Messi at Inter Miami

David Beckham wants Inter Miami to be a huge club, but not just in football.

Lionel Messi surprised the football world last summer when he signed for Inter Miami from PSG. Many football fans expected Messi to continue in Europe because of his quality on the pitch. The move to the MLS seemed like a mistake for him, but he managed to win a Leagues Cup trophy for Inter Miami in his first months at the club last summer. Inter Miami owner David Beckham brought him to improve the team and has brought in other players who are legends of the game.

Along with Messi, Beckham brought the Argentine’s former teammates from FC Barcelona. Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets, and Luis Suarez joined the club, and they will all play their first full MLS season with Inter Miami this year. Beckham brought them in to win the MLS this season, but he also has another plan for the club, and Messi was the first step toward his goal.

Javier Morales is the assistant manager of Gerardo Martino, the head coach of Inter Miami, and revealed what Beckham expects Inter Miami to become as a club. Morales said, “When I first spoke to David [Beckham], he said he thinks this could be a big club. Obviously, he came from Man United, and he used to play for big teams. That is his idea. He wants Inter Miami to be not just a top team not just in the country but also in the world.”

Chief Business Officer of Inter Miami, Xavier Asensi, wants the club to be a global club like the New York Yankees

Xavier Asensi, the Chief Business Officer of Inter Miami, speaks on what he and Beckham plan for Inter Miami. It starts with Beckham and Messi themselves. Asensi said, “Football is global, Messi and Beckham. After Covid, a lot of celebrities moved here; it is super well-connected. You have the two largest languages in use around the world here. All this combined creates this aura, which gives a power if you know how to action it that the sky is the limit.”

Asensi mentions the New York Yankees and their popularity even without knowing the sport they play. Asensi wants that for Inter Miami and said, ” Do you like baseball? I don’t. But do you have a cap with the NY of the Yankees? How cool is that? We have that potential. In order to unlock that, only the best are enough. This is not just football, we can go bigger and better.”