Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, 15 years old, is considered similar to Angelina Jolie and her sister Shiloh. She learned Arabic from a young age and now works as her mother’s assistant.

On April 6, paparazzi captured the moment Angelina Jolie’s youngest daughter happily walked around and shopped with her mother. The latest series of photos show that Vivienne has grown up, looking like a young woman at the age of 15, almost as tall as Angelina Jolie. Similar to her older sister Shiloh, she inherited her mother’s auburn hair color and cheekbones.
Vivienne walked around with her mother in New York on April 6. Photo: TheImageDirect

Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt was born in 2008 in the city of Nice (France), with a twin brother, Knox Léon. People said Vivienne’s middle name “Marcheline” was named after the French stage name of her late grandmother – actress Marcheline Jolie. “Vivienne” is also the English variant of the French word “Vivian”, meaning “life”.

When Vivienne and Knox were born, People magazine and Hello! bought the twins’ photo set for $14 million. Up to now, no baby photo has sold for more than this figure. Angelina and Brad donated the money to charities.

According to Life & Style magazine , Vivienne traveled around the world with her family, having fun at the Chateau Miraval estate (France) before her parents divorced. People said Vivienne has a rather private life in front of the media. She and her siblings studied at home with tutors. Angelina Jolie told The Independent in 2011 that she did not appreciate the school education system. Eternals stars believe that the traditional teaching method is not suitable for the extended family’s lifestyle or traveling abroad.
Vivienne and her mother at JFK airport (New York) in September 2023. Photo: TheImageDirect

Interviewed with Newsweek in 2016, Angelina Jolie said Vivienne learned Arabic at the age of eight. Vivienne’s siblings also began learning other languages ​​at a young age. The List commented that Vivienne and her siblings were interested in learning new languages ​​thanks to their mother’s passion for traveling and exploring many different cultures.

Besides, Vivienne also participates in charity activities. In 2019, she and her mother, Knox, Shiloh and Zahara, sold dog food at Silver Lake park (Los Angeles) to raise money for the Hope for Paws animal rescue fund.

In an interview with People in 2019, Angelina Jolie said her children would follow in her footsteps and become humanitarian activists, with no intention of becoming actors. However, Vivienne still had the opportunity to fall in love with cinema from a young age, attending many red carpet events with her mother.

She appeared in Maleficent (2014), playing young Princess Aurora. Angelina Jolie told Collider the reason the producers chose Vivienne was because she was the only child who wasn’t scared and cried before the Dark Fairy’s appearance. According to TMZ , Vivienne received $3,000 per week during filming. In 2016, she participated in dubbing the movie Kungfu Panda 3 with her mother and twin brother.


Angelina Jolie walks around with her youngest daughter

Excerpt from “Maleficent” featuring Vivienne at age five. Video: Walt Disney Studio

In recent years, Vivienne and her mother have met Broadway actors and worked as Jolie’s assistant in the musical project The Outsiders, which is about to premiere on April 11. Screenplay adapted from the work of the same name by writer SE Hinton. According to Hello Magazine , Angelina Jolie said it was Vivienne who inspired her to produce the play after mother and daughter enjoyed the performance at La Jolla Playhouse (San Diego) in 2023. Vivienne convinced her mother to meet the author. author SE Hinton, 75, who wrote the novel The Outsiders at age 16.
Vivienne (seated on the left) and Angelina Jolie took photos with the cast of “The Outsiders” on April 3. Photo: WireImage

Since their parents divorced in 2016, Vivienne and Knox have lived in Los Angeles under the guardianship and upbringing of Angelina Jolie according to court decision, because they are not yet 18 years old. Brad Pitt still has visitation rights to his children. Unlike their siblings, Vivienne and Knox have not expressed their stance on their parents’ divorce. Some sources say that Shiloh – who will turn 18 on May 27 – wants to move in with her father when she is of age.